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MM-3DS Majora's Mask Explained!


Tots Som Pops
Mar 22, 2013
Hello everyone!

We all agree that Majora's Mask is a unique game in many ways, being dark, bizarre and time-looping like non other. And as I see it, is the game that leaves most unanswered questions in the whole Zelda series. From What happened to Epona to What the hell is Termina?, Majora's Mask is full of mysteries indeed.

Now, if (and this is one big IF) you could make Nintendo give a solid and canon explanation to just one of the mysteries in Majora's Mask, which one would it be?

My choice would be the mystery of the Ghosts in Romani Ranch. When Link fails his attempt to protect the Ranch, the ghosts kidnap the cows and Romani herself. But what are those ghosts? Are they aliens? why do they kidnap cows? and most especially, what did they do to Romani all the day she was missing?

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