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Lord of the Rings Mafia - The Treason of Isengard

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Smash is Life
Sep 23, 2012
Beijing, China
Every time the story is told
Our heroes triumph over evil of old;
Though pain and sacrifice is needed,
The Enemy finally lays defeated.
When courage is needed, the brave arise,
Despite dark pasts or meagre size.
The King returns, and a Hobbit, nonetheless,
Destroys that Precious ring that did oppress.

But not this time...

Man, Elf, Dwarf, and Hobbit alike have gathered together at the house of Elrond in Rivendell to meet for a council...


As Elrond finished uttering those words, a piercing scream rang throughout the air. Frodo clenched his burning side, the scream awakening the searing pain yet again, as swords, bows, and axes were drawn to the ready. The sky grew dark as another cry rang out again in the distance, yet this one was terrifying in a whole different way. Someone had just been murdered.

"Erestor!" A woman's voice cried out, as she ran to him. The sky grew even darker, and a few more figures silently stepped into the crowd that surrounded the newly-discovered corpse.

"Wait," spoke out one of the many figures in the fray, having nimbler vision than the rest, "Are there more Elves here than there were before?"

"Don't be a fool, my friend," uttered a strongly accented member of the lot, "We are all clearly Dwarves here. None of us..." And his voice trailed off, realizing the problem.

"It is clear what is going on," Said another with a wise, aged voice. "The Enemy is playing us for fools. He has caused our vision to be distorted, so he may confuse us before he makes his attack."

Many murmurs passed through the crowd. "I knew the Eye was fixed on this place," one said. "It is not safe to keep the Ring here," cried another.

A monstrous roar blasted out in the chaos. "I cannot take it anymore!" bellowed the source of the vile outcry. "I must... Eat... That... Elf flesh!"

As the figure pounded towards the corpse, an arrow sang through the air, and stuck in the back of the cannibal's neck. As the body slumped to the floor, the illusion around him cleared. It was an Uruk-Hai, and on his forehead he bore the symbol of the White Hand.

"It is clear what we must do now," a decisive voice declared, after the uproar had quieted down. "We are under attack from the Enemy, and we cannot tell friend from foe. First, we must all give a new name for ourselves for identification. We must then come to a vote on who we believe to be the threat among us, and at the end of the day, that person must be killed."

"And I suppose you think you're the one to do it?" proclaimed the strong accent yet again. "You could be an Elf! Never trust an Elf!"

"Come now, friend," called a soothing tone that was calm, yet firm. "You must see that this is the only way to proceed. We must go along with this plan."

All heads in the circle nodded, some reluctantly, but all unanimously. In order to find truth, there must be lynchings. Each one stated the new name he would go by, and all sat down to the council, which now had a whole different goal in mind.

Thus, the first day of this new tale begins...

Eyes will be deceived
Lies will be believed
Friend will turn on fellow friend
And innocent blood will be shed.
And in the end of the final day
Who will stand strong? Who shall remain?
Will our heroes triumph, and evil fall?
Or will the Lord of the Rings rule them all?

The Living:
1. Big Octo
2. PancakeSamurai
3. christewks
4. Dracomajora
5. fused_shadows
6. LittleGumball
7. TSter the Great
8. musicfan
9. justac00lguy
10. Pendio
11. Raindrop14
12. A Link In Time
13. The Marshal
14. Johnny Sooshi
15. pkfroce
16. Thareous
17. Rachel
18. PokaLink
19. Heroine of Time
20. Ventus

The Dead:

Day 1 Begins.

• Use common sense. Know the basics of the game.
• Do NOT communicate outside the game about anything to do with the game (unless specified by your role)
• You may NOT reveal any information after your death. You may post funny, unrelated LotR/cat/fabulous gifs, though.
• Do your best not to spam. I may let it slide, as long as it is somewhere from mildly to outrageously entertaining.
• You are allowed to roleclaim, but may NOT nameclaim. You may NOT use Role PMs as evidence for anything. Also, there is a maximum of 1 roleclaim per day, to prevent mass roleclaims, which are just lame.
Bold your votes and place them on a separate line.
• Do NOT edit your posts. Ever. Just know how to EBWODP.
• Be active, meaning that you must post at least 5 times a day. Otherwise you will be replaced/modkilled, and no one wants that (killing people for no good reason isn’t fun).
• I would prefer if you don’t post during the night, but I will let it slide as long as you aren’t discussing anything relatively intelligent.
• Each day will last about 5-7 days. Nights will last 2. I will extend the day if requested, but only once per day, or if things are getting really interesting (the latter being less likely, but possible).
• Any ties will result in a no-lynch. If no majority is reached, I will go with the highest vote.
• Remember: I can modkill you whenever I feel the need. Basically, I am the Lord of the Rings. Keep that in mind.

It takes 11 votes for a majority lynch. Day ends on Monday 23rd, 9:00 PM EST.
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