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Link is Ganondorf

Apr 21, 2019
Alright, bear with me. So, we all know there are various timelines.... let's say this: In the youth timeline with link winning, he wanders into the bubble universe of majora's mask. He does everything he's gotta do, like the hero he is, unless you ask majora, and in the end, is only left with the fierce deity mask, which is said to be darker that majora's as well. Everybody is happy and forgets alllll about link. He wanders about the lost woods once more, and eventually becomes the hero's shade/stalfos in twilight princess, regretful that no one remembers him as a hero. But for him to become a stalfos, how was there a grave and body in twilight princess? So what if there are other time lines... Let's say, this wandering young boy, slowly being tainted by the deity mask, slowly being forgotten by everyone around, goes back in time once more, leaving a future him to wander, and a past him, who let's the world crumble and escapes this bubble universe, but still has the deity mask, the ocarina, and having numbed himself to the pain of watching everyone die, everyone who is in the regular hyrule as well... Let's say, in order to prevent a future where he isn't remembered as a hero, he decides to kill ganondorf a little early on. But with the darkness of the deity mask whispering, and the newfound ability to make masks of his enemies, he tries on ganon's and is consumed by the triforce of power. Remember now, link didn't have the triforce of courage when he was in the land of Termina. Perhaps stripped from him when he left the universe of the triforce. But he now has his own power, the strength of the triforce of power, and the dark influence of the deity mask.
Now in his time travel, there were 2 paths. One path is him choosing to go back when his old self is in Termina, in order to make sure his past self didn't try to stop him. However this path leads to a war, from this now dark link, and ends off with him contained, punished, and banished by the twili. When this happens, perhaps the mask/ entity of ganon is banished, leaving the body of the hero, which is why there is a grave in twilight princess, and a stalfos spirit of when other link returned. The second choice is to go back further. This leads to him killing ganon early on, and can explain how he knew the young link and zelda would be in the castle window watching. With the experience and added strength, he was able to defeat the hero and zelda for their triforce parts, and yet was still stopped, in the "the hero is defeated" timeline. So yeah, I've also wanted to make a theory of link being bad. Perhaps he was the whole time, perhaps that's why he's a figure of a stalfos as a spirit, it that's why the are so many dark links, because of other timelines, or maybe ganon was good all along against injustice, etc. But this is my one so far.
Jul 1, 2018
Uhh... like my friend SMS said, it's interesting FanFiction material, but there are too many logical inconsistencies for this to be a credible theory.

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