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Jeff Bezos funding anti aging research

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Mar 23, 2013
I have some concerns about a dystopian kind of future where people lose their consciousness in cyborg bodies, but I'm definitely for the idea of aging more gracefully into one's last years. I think we should aim towards a state where people can feel less back and shoulder pain and where they have more energy to do the things we love. That said, we can't stop our telomeres from shortening or our body being exposed to oxidants, so the march towards death will continue towards its inevitability.

I dunno. If feel like if it comes down to choosing a purely fleshy version of myself, or choosing a version of my self with cool cybernetic augmentations, I'm going to choose the one with cool cybernetic augmentations.
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Jul 6, 2011
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Yeah, yeah him and every cosmetic company that sells their products on late night infomercials.

The opposite is correct. He actually wants to reverse the aging process, however those cosmetic companies want to sell creams that make the skin appear younger and combat the appearance of aging, but won't stop it.

Young people tend to have greater elasticity and moisture in the skin however as they age their skin loses that and is more prone to forming lines. Things like hylauronic acid serums, retinol and vitamin c and e creams help to slow this so long as you keep using them but if people could have the skin of an early 20s person through anti aging drugs or gene therapy then those creams and ointments simply won't be needed anymore and those companies would lose money.


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Lmfao, this is some techno dystopian sci-fi ****. That also has a faint smell of eugenics.
It's a fine goal, and it sure can have positive effects on medicine in the future, but it's clearly just motivated by a selfish purpose and that just straight up undermines anything interesting that comes from it, lmao. Bald ass contemporary alchemist tryina find the philosopher stone to live forever.

Jeff Bezos investing in this isn't really exciting because even if they manage to develop a way to slow or even straight up stop aging it will most likely not be accessible to most of the population, but rather to the richest of the richest.
Even if it's something cheap and accessible at first, who says it will stay like that? Just look at insulin's exponentially growing price as an example of how absurd things can get due to a few things like technological obsolescence, corporate greed, and high demand.

A sudden improvement of life could also bring so many sort of
What about issue like overpopulation? Internal cultural and social readjustments to a new age demographics? Inequality when it comes to other countries/regions?

Overall I'm not against humans living longer, I just wish it was due to everyone having access to healthier, more balanced, and enjoyable lifestyles rather than due to some weird ass bioengineering shortcut program financed by a man hoarding billions that could've been directly used to double the life expectancy of some countries instead.

I think that people are too reliant on medical science and not enough on God's design today.
and unless you don't believe in evolution idk why you're mentioning god's design

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