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Is Fi the New Navi?

Is Fi annoying?

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LOL Link

For all of you that have played Ocarina of Time, the one thing that may bother you is this annoying sound: "Hey, look, listen!" That wonderful (sarcasm) sound comes from Navi. But 13 years later, it seems to me that Fi can be a little less annoying than Navi, but whenever your heart gauge is low or your in a intresting-looking room, you always hear an annoying sound or getting interuppted by the gameplay. Which is one word: Annoying.

Look, I know that she can help you with boss fights or dowsing or whatever. But take this situation: Your fighting Ghirahim and you have 3 hearts left, suddenly, Fi's calling you to remind you about your heart gauge. Well Fi I already know that, can't you hear that beeping sound? Do you think Fi is like a remake of Navi?


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May 26, 2010
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Fi is Navi 5.8 revision 277e.

In all honesty, I'd take Navi over Fi because Fi is just disturbingly annoying. To the point of not wanting to play SS.


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Oct 2, 2011
If its to the point of not wanting to play just because of her, I think you may get agrivated too easily.

Anyway, I noticed she'll point out real obvious stuff, but then be real vague about the hard stuff... Im just indifferent to her sort of. Navi's only annoying factor was that she kept repeating stuff that she already said and she alerted you wit "HEY!" But Fi just just points out obvious stuff that the camera already told you. Otherwise, no impact on me.


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Nov 21, 2011
She wasn't annoying on my first playthrough, but now on my second... I just wanna kill her.


May 9, 2011
Yes, I found her very annoying (away from the cut scenes) every time you discovered something new she would stick her two cents worth in every single freaking time... The same with Midna however Navi>All because you could ignore her were as these two just cannot help the selves =p.

However her character development was good.


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I don't really find either Fi or Navi annoying in a game-ruining kind of way. That could be because of my personality, I'm too laid back for my own good sometimes, though. :P I can think of worse mistakes that the developers could have made, but I guess that's sort of irrelevant to those that do mind the assistant characters.

Now, I don't really know what to say on how Fi developed, but I do think the moments that her extreme seriousness provided, like the scenes when Scrapper desperately tries to flirt with her and gets no apparent response other than "..." were completely worth it. :lol:

To see her showing emotion at the end was kind of revealing for me, too. Maybe not in a game-changing kind of way, but more in a way that'd trigger a responhse like "Hmm... interesting" from me. I thought it was a nice touch, eitherway.

Also, despite the fact that I don't find Navi annoying, I can see why others would. The "Hey, Listen!" sounds could be stressful for other people, especially because you do hear them more than once, but I never really minded that or thought it was that often. I guess that's mostly me, anyway. I think that if I found Fi annoying, it would be different... more like painfully obvious. I did find it unnecessary that she'd tell me about the batteries or the heart meter. And the percentages... I find it funny how they can be so off most of the time.
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Jul 12, 2011
I would have to say Navi was more annoying. Sure Fi's lack of emotion and constant talking about batterys and hearts being low is very annoying but she is super helpful. If you ask for analyze she will look at the room and tell you tips. Such as if your in a tunnel she tells you using your sword will be hard because of the tight space. Using the Shield bash is the best thing to do. She gives you a better description of enemy's than any side kick was before. And through all of her calculations and lack of understanding of human emotion can be very funny.

Navi on the other hand tells you facts that you already know. I don't need to hear that I should go to Hyrule because I was already told twice. But that's not the most annoying thing. Navi's always tries to get your attention with constantn"Hey listen!"'s and "Watch outs!"'s. Fi never got overly annoying and let you go about your job most of the time. Whereas Navi made you want to. Strangle her and say "WHO NEEDS TO WATCH OUT NOW HUH!"


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Jan 21, 2011
Krosno, Poland
Fi is something like half-Midna half-Tatl. They both are annoying and Fi is even more annoying. The only not annoying character is Navi.:)

Annoyance level:
Fi: 4/5
Midna: 3/5
Tatl: 2/5
Navi: 0/5
Jul 22, 2011
I honestly never found Navi annoying at all, other than the stuff she tells you about early in the game. As for Fi, she was constantly showing up (mostly not optionally) to tell you the obvious.
Feb 23, 2011
There's a part of me that thinks Fi was Nintendo's attempt to sort of alleviate the annoyance factor often associated with helper characters from series' past. While Fi was devoid of personality - Navi, Midna, etc, were at most times brimming with it. That extends to each helper character's quirks as well. I feel that the personality quirks attached to some of those characters were to blame for their annoyance. Hence, we have Fi [no personality].

I personally liked everything about Fi and my opinion of Navi is no different. I would go on to talk about the bandwagon that everyone wants to jump on, but my brain is being a lazy bum right now, so yeah... lol
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Dec 17, 2011
Navi was annoying and would not shut up, and I consider her fully responsible for Link having to endure the events of Majora's Mask. Fi just states the obvious or provides exposition and dances around for some reason, but she doesn't really bother me.
Oct 17, 2011
her personnality wasn`t a problem for me, i also liked how she was one of the few helper that communicate with the people you met (the kikwi and the skyloft robot) the only thing that really get on my nerve was when she warned me about low battery...come on nintendo why just 4 bars? the last oen can last at least another hours
Nov 26, 2008
Fi is the the new Navi for me, yeah; both characters are regarded as annoying by people (apparently), but didn't bother me. Look, regardless of whatever annoyances they cause, for any player who needs their services, they won't be annoying - they'll just be really useful. When I play through the games, even if I don't need a specific hint, I can recognize why the hint is there, and it's hard for me to be annoyed at something that is essentially a high-quality, smart gameplay mechanic.

Fi is only particularly annoying when she forces you to hear something you don't want to hear. This was my main beef with Navi, too, where early in the game she'd force you to listen to basic control explanations regardless of how many times you'd played, and when she's insist on telling you where to go next in a game that's about adventuring and doing sidequests. Fi had the same basic problem, giving you puzzle advice and whatnot even on subsequent playthroughs, although it's nice that you can skip some of her mechanic explanations. I also hated her notifications about low hearts and battery life. Seems odd these mistakes were made, considering Fi's menu was set up perfectly for her giving out great advice when you ask for it. That said, neither was bad enough for me to regard the character as a whole as annoying. And I love how Fi can tell you about enemies like Navi could. That's my favorite Fi feature.

Navi was annoying and would not shut up, and I consider her fully responsible for Link having to endure the events of Majora's Mask.
...? The events of Majora's Mask were because Link was looking for his friend, so... uh... yeah, it is her fault, but I think stating it as such takes it a bit out of context. For the player, Navi was a gameplay mechanic, but for Link, he was a fairy companion. :P Also if Link didn't endure the events of Majora's Mask, a lot of people would have died. :?

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