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Hyrule: The World of Zelda - a Skyrim modification - looking for writers

Oct 26, 2017
Hello all! Myself, along with some other members of the Skyrim modding community, have been working on a large-scale recreation of Hyrule for the last five years. In those five years we have made some incredible progress. As of now we are about halfway through, approaching the later stages of development. While we wish to keep public details about the mod's exact scope to a minimum, I will say that it will include quests, items, and new exteriors and interiors, all of which have already had a lot of work put into them.

Our version of Hyrule pulls locations, characters, items, lore and story elements from far across the series. We have most of a story outline ready to be expanded into quests with branching dialogue trees and choices to be made. While I don't want to reveal too much, we have developed a prompt that feels like a genuine Zelda game, but a Zelda game that Nintendo would never make. When Aonuma first showed off Breath of the Wild's Hyrule, the game that entered my head was not the game that released three years later. Our project seeks to create the Hyrule that I saw in my mind's eye that day.

While we are still far away from release, we wanted to post to look for some writers, level designers, 3d modelers, and any other such peoples of talent who might be inclined to join our team. I will also say that, if you have no prior modding experience, the Skyrim developer toolkit is very easy to pick up for those who may want to learn.

If you wish to find out more about our project, receive updates, or join the team, join our Discord here. Or you can dm me, my name is Duude98#6316
Thanks, and have a great day!

~the Hyrule development team20191107085825_1.jpg20191111192951_1.jpg20190902033736_1.jpg
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Oct 20, 2008
Looks like an interesting concept. Based on the screens, it looks like you're doing something akin to a full scale new land mod like Falskaar? Also I take it you're using the SE engine? Look forward to seeing more stuff, good luck with your project.

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