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General SSB How Important is the Mystery of New Character Reveals for You?

There are articles and videos going up right now about how supposedly the rest of the Smash Ultimate DLC characters have been datamined. So click on them at your own risk.

I, for one, like to go into new fighter reveals blind. I love the hype of Sakurai completely blind siding us. That's what made the reveals of Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, Cloud, Ridley, King K. Rool, and Joker so impactful. The suspense and hype was taken out of other big reveals like Ryu and Simon Belmont because they were leaked.

A big part of the Smash experience to me is simply speculating about the newcomers and then seeing our hopes finally met or dashed once more. So it always bothers me to see these kinds of leaks circling around, and why I try to avoid them.

What about you? Do you care about being spoiled about newcomers beforehand?


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I definitely agree in that I prefer going in blind when it comes to character reveals. I think that's what makes inductees such as Joker and even Piranha Plant a jolly good time and a half. Even for new entrants that I may not necessarily be the most keen about, I can still celebrate the surprise factor of it while being happy for those who wanted these characters.
Unless Milla Maxwell gets in I don't really care.

Everyone i wanted in is pretty much in in some form.

Everyone left who people want and who it could be just dont interest me much. Joker is cool but i dont have a strong opinion of him being in the game.

Likewise Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, Banjo Kazooie, Geno... i just dont care.

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I honestly can’t say I have too many hopes, but I definitely like being surprised whether I care who is in or not. If it’s someone I like, great! If it’s someone I’ve never heard of or don’t care about, cool. I just don’t play as them. But the suspense is fun, so I actively avoid spoilers and leaks.

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Feb 4, 2016
The surprise is always a big part of character reveals. We all joked about cloud being in smash and when it actually happened, it was quite the shock.
Leakers ruin what would have been a fun surprise for all, and I try avoiding them if I can.


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Ryu was leaked? It was a surprise for me lmao. I live under a rock so sure I enjoy the surprises. Hate the fake leaks as much as the real one though; people just want publicity so badly. Simon's leak was a fluke on Nintendo's behalf, although he was heavily expected/anticipated beforehand. It was remedied by the surprise drop of Richter as his echo tho, so they still got the surprise on us.


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Jun 22, 2016
i like surprises so it kinda bugs me when people say oh tortimers in (was gonna do isabelle but she was shown off) and im like really spoil it for me!! but if its some one i dont know i can research or ask someone else whos further in game...

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