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How Has Growing Up Impacted Your Gaming?

Aug 21, 2019
Attack Helicopter
My parents did not have money for me to engage in as expensive a hobby as gaming when I was growing up, but my first PC (an OG pentium with a 1gb hard drive :shrugs:) could at least run an SNES and SEGA Genesis Emulator, so the first game I got really invested in was Streets of Rage 2, and then I later fell in love with Phantasy Star 4.

I later got a laptop as a gift from one of my friends, and it could play things like GTA San Andreas and Morrowind, which was absolutely grand, and when I could do my first summer job at the age of 16, I saved up for a PS3, and immediately got lost in Assassin's Creed 2 and Red Dead Redemption when that came out. It was also around this time that I got the original Samsung Galaxy S, and downloaded a Nintendo 64 emulator for it, on which the first game I installed was Ocarina of TIme. :D

Ever since I graduated high school, though, I find that I just do not often have the time for open-world games anymore. This was true back in university, and is doubly true since I graduated university and started doing a full-time job. These days, the only thing I can consistently fit into my schedule is Overwatch.


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Jan 16, 2012
Los Angeles
I find myself not playing games as much, now that I've got a job, college, and other hobbies to balance. I also tend to stick to fighting games a lot more now, playing those with my friends when we hang out. Of course, I always find myself picking up some other genres during my spare time too, but I usually end up dropping them after a while.
I've had a revival of playing games these past few years. From 2009-2012 is when I lost interest in gaming. I often talked about it more on forums like this than actually playing games.

But, ever since 2013, I've gradually been getting more and more into gaming. Right now, I'd say I spend 2 hours a night on gaming if I have time. More on Friday and Saturday nights.

Having money of my own nowadays also helps. My parents were always super stringy about buying games, so I never owned too many as a kid. Now I've branched out more in my gaming tastes.

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