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How did you come up with your username?

I was starting up on an RST(Real Time Strategy) Game that's no longer playable and I was thinking of a name to use and had "Killjoy" pop into my head while pondering my initials KJ. As for 262, my great granddad, dads granddad, was into racing and his number was 62.
Mine is from the mc of LoG: Skyward Sword
Who's Giri though? [points at the sig] :P
Started as Minish Link because I thought the two sounded good together and Minish Cap is one of my favorite Zelda games. Then changed to Morbid Minish for a Halloween name change because I liked the alliteration, and it fits me. Haven't changed it back because I like this version a lot.
I knew you seemed familiar. XD
Used to be known as EpicfireDUDE30 but when I was like 14 or so I was making a comment on a General Motors blog and decided I wanted something new, mainly because Epicfire felt childish. I was making a post about Chevrolet and I had also recently grown to like wolves as my favorite animal so I combined the two and kept the 30. It's just kinda stuck with me since.
I'm 33 and I think "EpicfireDUDE" is a cool name.

And that's how it happened. :eyes:
I forgot that comic exists and I giggled at it! rofl
Moe the Moblin is an underappreciated off-screen character in wind waker

At some point I decided I wasn't a cringe high schooler anymore and would prefer people I interacted with called me by my name, not any screen name or alias, so I got it changed to Mikey
Call ME cringe or w/e, but, I still read your username as Moe.
My normal, non-Christmas-y one, ArchAngel217, is inspired by my late best friend, who used to call me his "guardian angel". It reminds me of him when I get on the internet, for better or worse. (makes me kinda sad sometimes)
My sincerest condolences friend.

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