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General Art Hmm... Though I Would Give It a Go..

Oct 31, 2011
The Boundary
“So what do you have planned for Halloween?” asked Alexandria, “To tell the truth I don’t know.” I responded. “Well I was thinking maybe you could take me trick or treating.” She suggested
“Its June I don’t think there is going to be much of trick treating going on tonight.”I said joking around “Ha-ha, very funny. I meant when its Halloween smart-***.”
”yeah, I’ll take you.” I responded “Are you ready to leave?” she asked “Sure, let’s go.” I was more than ready to leave; I had grown bored was ready to never come back. We were here for half of our Saturday. But just as luck would have it, we wouldn’t.
“Hi Jack!” someone screamed from the back of the food court. Before I managed to even turn my neck, they covered my eyes with their hands. A sudden waft of apples filled my insides and I only knew of one person who smelled that strong of apples, Carina. “Guess who?” she continued
“I don’t know I have no idea but a freaking shot in the dark. Is it… I don’t know, Carina?” I said jokingly
“How do you always know?”
You always smell of freaking apples, you moron.”
As I stated she always, and I mean always, manages to smell of apples, but you know the green ones. You know the ones that make you mouth tickle, and that smile to your face, no matter where you are at. Her body is one of those that makes you want to lust after her, she is probably about 5’ 3” if I had to guess, she has a thin frame, but somehow enough meat on her that makes you feel you want her, just once, to be in her presence. She has two bumps on her body that she considers breasts. Her face is a bit discolored, but her eyes, to me, are the most alluring, a pure emerald green that seem to shine when I look at them.
Ah but of course,” she said as she turned to look at Alexandria’s face. “And who is this little cutie.” She asked winking at Alexandria.
“Oh, you haven’t met my girlfriend of four years?” yeah you read it right four years we met in eighth grade. She was a shy girl at first, she was a bit chubby, but now she has the body of an international 20 year old supermodel. She has one of those faces that you can’t help but fall in love with; she has the blue eyes of the sky. She not only looks innocent she is, well was before she met me.
“No, I don’t believe I have. Hi I’m Carina; His older sister.”
“Older sister I thought you only had one older brother and a younger sister?” Alexandria asked puzzled
“I do. She has been my next door neighbor for about as far as I can remember.” I explained to her,” only because you are older than me for about a year doesn’t give you the right to patronize me. What are you doing here anyways?” I questioned her.
“Just hanging out with my new one,” she said pointing at a really scrawny kid with green dyed hair, “that’s Nano.” She mentioned. I finally noticed that she does frequently have boys always drooling over her; just about every two weeks she’d be with a different guy.
“Well have fun me and Alexandria where just on our way out, before you called out to me.” I told her.
Just as we were heading down on the stairway bridge towards exit, we ran into our friend Jesus. He has been my closest friend for about 8 long years. Jesus was chubby but hid it under his baggy clothes. His face was bumpy with acne marks and has neatly trimmed and kept mutton chops. ”What’s up?” I asked him
“Nothing much, just hanging out with Criss.” he responded
“Hi Jack.”
“Hey. Well we were just heading out. So, I’ll catch you guys some other time.” I said trying to make an exit. Just then the building began shaking; people began running amuck, with paranoia, and shock. You could hear men, women, and children, everybody scream. After a minute or two the shaking had stopped. I looked at Alex, who was holding on to the rails she looked helpless. Carina came up behind us asking if we were going to go or stay.
“You know she is right, we have to go.” Jesus stated. I nodded with agreement. We let Carina and Nano go ahead of us.”Alright come on we have to go.” suggested Jesus knocking me out of my stupor. Building began to shake again, making windows shatter, walls and bridges collapse. As we began making our way off, the ground fell beneath our feet. As I fell I heard Alex scream I felt something grab a hold of me. Sure enough it was Jesus grabbing my arm to prevent me from falling down. He himself looked like if he was barely holding on to a ledge. “Jack! Hold on tight.” He alerted me.
“It looks like it won’t support us much longer.” I mentioned
“You’re right, by looks of it.”
“Grab on to this!” Carina yelled, throwing down a line made of clothes. But just as soon as it reached our reach, the ledge gave in. after that it felt as if we were falling downwards in slow motion. The fall itself must’ve not lasted longer than a few seconds, but to me that felt like minutes. As I was stuck in freefall my life flashed before my eyes.
I awoke in the hospital strapped in my arm filled with I.V. and needle marks. It was so dark I felt like as if I was still in a dream. All that could be heard was the beeping from the monitor machine and sirens from the outside world. After my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I noticed someone curled up on the couch at the end of the room. “She’s been here all week you know.” mentioned Carina
She had surprised me; I hardly noticed her standing there next to me. When I tried to ask her what she was doing standing there next to me, nothing came out. “What? Cat got your tongue?” she said as she covered Alex with a blanket. Something was different about her, I couldn’t tell what it was, but something was clearly off. “You shouldn’t squirm about, just lay there and take the medicine.” She said as she stuck the syringe in my arm. “Whoa what the hell are you doing?!” I exclaimed
“Shhh. You’ll wake her up and I know you don’t want to do that, now do you?” with those words she was walking out.”Carina get back here and explain yourself this instant!” I yelled trying to grab a hold of her but all that I managed to do was tip over the bed I was on, forcing the monitor to do the loud flat lining noise. I managed to stand up and began heading towards the door, in a moment two nurses rushed in, “Get back here now!” I kept screaming at the door waking Alexandria up. The two nurses forced me back on to the bed and strapped me in so tight I could hardly move. The nurses sedated, soon after I fell asleep.
The next morning I awoke to the sound of the doctors talking to Alexandria. Telling her how the fall may have made me mentally unstable and how they would have to run a few more tests to see if they could find anything. Alexandria came and sat next to me. ”Hey how long have you been awake?” she asked worriedly. “Just enough to hear that I need tests. Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, and besides I should be the one asking you that.”
“And why is that?”
“You’re the one on the hospital bed”
“How long have I been out?”
“About two months.”
“I feel there is something I’m forgetting.”I said as I rubbed my head. And with as quick as a flash of lighting it struck me, Jesus, I had forgotten the one person who risked his life for mine.
“Where’s Jesus?” I asked quickly
“Well, I didn’t want to tell you, but they never found his body.” She said. She looked like as if she was hesitating to tell me everything.
“What do you mean? He went down with me didn’t he?” I asked angrily.
“See here is the thing we saw him hanging with you and the moment you both fell. When we looked over we only say you falling. I can’t explain it but it’s almost as if he disappeared into thin air.” She explained, “no one saw him I mean we all looked and there was nothing there almost as if he’d never been there.” I couldn’t even begin to comprehend what she was telling me. The nurse came in and handed me some clothes, and told me to take a shower.
“Alright you go take a shower and I’ll go home and take one too and be back tomorrow to see how you are.” She told me as she took a whiff of herself.
The nurse came in ten minutes after I took my shower telling me that I was going to have test run on me. All, I was told was perfectly sound and had found no unusual activity and that I would be released next week if the test continued to prove nothing was wrong. After all that I was left with a psychologist to see if I was mentally sound, or my preferred way of saying it, to see if I had gone insane from the fall. My question now is how could anyone go insane from a fall, sure I had seen people go paralyzed from a fall; I had never heard of anyone go insane from it though. A week later Alexandria stopped by to pick me up in her old ’87 crown Victoria. On the way to my father’s house I couldn’t stop thinking what might have happened to Jesus. There is no humanly possible way that he could’ve disappeared like nothing. “Something on your mind?” asked Alex.
“No why? Is something the matter with you?”
“No, you just have that face of thought on you.”
“Oh I have just been thinking what everyone is doing nowadays.”
“You can find out later. Right now you have to get home and get thing back on track before school starts.”
“Yeah, you’re right. Whatever happened to the mall?”
“They began rebuilding it just as soon as the earthquakes were gone. Why bother with that when we can listen to some good old music?”She said grabbing her pink IPod. Perhaps she’s right haven’t heard any type of music while I was in the hospital. So she put on Dance Gavin Dance, and almost immediately began rocking out to it. Before long we had arrived home, as we walked up to the house the cars were gone. So we went in and it was like always no one around, except the loneliness and you. “You want something to drink?”
“Whatcha got?”
“We got beer, liquor, milk, juice, and water.”
“What kind of liquor?”
“We have Scotch, vodka, rum, tequila, and whiskey.”
“Give me some whiskey.” As I poured the whiskey she told me that I wouldn’t be able to have any because of the pills I’m supposed to be taking. I brushed it off and drank some anyways; she then told me that she was going to leave for work in a few. After she left I began to feel strange, perhaps the effect of mixing medicine with alcohol, so I decided to lie down in my bed. Halfway upstairs my legs began to feel heavy as if being grabbed and pulled down. Once upstairs I began getting weary and dazed, my vision began to blur so I went through the first doorway that I could go through and threw myself on the bed. I began to drift off and was asleep soon after.
I saw Carina standing over me, teasing the syringe at me. I tried to grab her but I was strapped to the ground unable to move a single limb, I tried to speak but no words came to. Carina then dispersed into the dark background and I was able to move again. My right arm began to go numb but at the same time allow me to feel a sharp stinging and burning pain. When pain left me a creature stood in front of me its eyes were blackened, its skin was charcoal black which seemed to suck the light right out of the sky, and cracks along its skin glow orange. As I picked myself up from the floor it got more alert I tried to move around it but it would allow me, when I tried to go through him he stood as hard as stone, not even budging an inch. There was a light behind him; it was a warm and gentle glow. Soon the being was no longer in front of me but rather behind me. As I crept closer toward the light it began to take the form of a girl then a woman, while I began to look up at her the light then blinded me and I awoke in my room, drenched in sweat. My digital clock flashed 1:30 am at me, I then sat up on my bed thinking how weird a dream it was.
I walked downstairs to grab a drink of water, and my arm began stinging and going numb all over again, but this time it was spreading towards my chest. I then started having trouble breathing, I was beginning to suffocate. “What’s the matter?” said someone. I couldn’t tell if the voice was feminine or even human for that matter. All I could hear was the sound of losing air.
“I… can’t… breathe...” I said gasping for air. My body then began to feel as if it was splitting into two shortly followed by the burning of the muscles and then the throwing up of blood. “What… the… hell… is… going… on…? I said trying to look up.
I awoke in my room that morning, reminding myself that I would never mix alcohol and prescription drugs ever again. “Hey Jack?! You up?! Jack?!” yelled Magdalena, my younger sister, from below the stairway, “Jack! Don’t you hear me calling for you, dumbass?” she said as kicked in my door, “What the hell are you doing naked!?” she continued, “put on some pants or at least be decent you dumb ****!”
“What do you want?” I asked peeved as I put on some boxers and then my favorite faded black jeans, and a plain white tee.
“Help me put this corset on.” She said turning around. It was a red gothic corset dress, cut with fully boned bodice and rara skirt. It has purple cotton and black lace gives it a sort of a darkly romantic edge. The corset lacings made it look quite difficult, which in reality wasn’t all that. She then added a Hell bunny tutu petticoat to top it all off, or so she says, “I only have one more question.”
“What the **** where you doing up here nude anyways? Wait! Don’t tell me you were doing the nasty. Weren’t you? Weren’t you?”
“The hell does that even mean?”
“You were having sex, right? Right!” she pressed
“Yeah I was.” I said to get her off my back.
“Well your whore is in the restroom taking a shower.” She mentioned gleefully, as if she had won some sort of battle. Did she just say that I have whore taking a shower? I began to walk toward my restroom, when Carina came out.
“Whore? Is that what I am now? And I hope you don’t mind I used your towel.” She asked innocently. I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her up against the wall, “Ooh, are we going to go at it again? ‘Cause I just finished taking a shower.” She said seductively
“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked her
“You don’t remember, it was a wild night for you and me. You came over than began making out with me then I asked about Alexandria? You said **** her and I wouldn’t allow you to do that, so you called her and broke up with her than you brought me over here, had a few drinks, and had raw animal sex.”
“Don’t you lie to me you goddamn witch!” I exclaimed
“If you don’t believe me maybe you should call her, then come to me when you know what you were talking about.” She replied
“I will.” I let go and I pulled my out my cell punched Alex’s number in and dialed. It rang for a while and proceeded to voice mail. I had called a few more times before she finally picked up in tears. This brought up my fear that Carina was right and I did as she said I had done, “hey babe what’s the matter?”
“Don’t you ****ing dare ask what the matter with me! When you know damn well what happened you *******!” she said sobbing
“Look I don’t know what happened, I was drunk and”
“Why don’t you go to your goddamn whore!? Let me guess she left you for another one! Don’t you ever talk to me again you understand me? Never again!” she hung up after that. I stood there in shock. I realized that I had messed up badly and needed to make things right. I had called her several time that minute and never once had she picked up, it always went directly to voice-mail.
“She isn’t picking up. I need to go see her and explain to her what really happened.”
“Oh come on. You heard the girl. She doesn’t want to talk to you ever again and I believe that a girl like that needs her space, so if you were to I don’t know leave her alone for a few days. You might be able to talk to her.”
“and why the hell should I wait so long?!’
“Because if you go and try to talk to her, her family will keep you from talking to her, and then a day after she might actually be too enraged to let you get a word out.”
“I hate you so much right now, but you make perfect sense. But I don’t know what to do right know.”
“I have an idea.” she said lying down seductively, “come here and lie down next to me for a moment. I will show you what you can do right now.” She said pulling me back down and biting my neck, I began to pull away and reject her advances.
“You better stop. It’s your fault.”
“Don’t blame me for what you did! You called her, you spoke to her, you dumped her, and finally you came over to my house! So don’t you dare blame me for anything!” she yelled getting dressed and then finally storming off. She slammed the door and a throbbing unbearable headache rushed in. Flashes of a coliseum and a room with weapons lying about I turn to see a door open and a large four armed reptilian walk through the door way. Its skin resembled that of a horned toad and its eyes reminded me of red diamonds, the creature then began speaking but all I heard was incomprehensible. I felt myself be dragged out and snapped back into place finding myself downstairs.
What the hell is going on? I don’t understand anymore I felt as if my sanity was slipping from my grasp. I heard the final fantasy 7 victory fanfare from my phone letting me acknowledge that I had one unread text message from Carina. I picked up my phone and checked my message:
“Hey! I loved what we did last night! Hope we can do it again soon ;). By the way don’t take out what you did out on my. Catch you later.” I quickly responded back to let her know it was a just a onetime thing and that will never happen again. I waited moments before realizing she wasn’t going to respond back. It is still an early day and not much could be done today, meaning that I apparently left Alexandria, Jesus had gone M.I.A., and finally I wasn’t going to see carina again. So, instead I decided to take care of things seeing as I had a whole free day.
I started by cleaning the wreckage from my room, proceeding to doing my laundry, and finally taking a shower. By the time I was done with all that it was roughly around two pm. I decided it would be best to hang out with my sister, who somehow convinced me to go to the mall, even though I was sick of it. Afterwards we went out to eat at a Chinese buffet, her treat which is exceptionally rare for her. By the time we got back it was roughly around 9 30pm and not much could be done. “I actually enjoyed your company today.” She stated. I told her I felt the same and she headed off to bed. As I made my way upstairs I received a text message telling me to head out into the backyard. Seeing this might be a joke from Carina I decided to go.
Once outside I looked up at the silver lighted moon and began calling out to Carina, telling her to jump out of the shadows. I was then taken back by the sudden appearance of the hooded figures, all females by the looks of it. Startled I tried to hit the nearest one, but to no avail, she moved much to fast for my eyes. I was struck in the stomach forcing me down to my knees. I looked up and saw the figure surround me. “What’s going on?” I asked roughly
“Look at him, he’s weak. Are you sure we couldn’t get a better messenger?” one of them spoke, “alright girls knock him out cold and pack it up.” She continued. Just as she said, I was struck once again and my vision blurred and finally dark. I awoke up with yet another pounding headache, on the edge of a cliff. I managed to stumble onto my feet before hearing the hooded one tell the other two to watch and make sure I don’t fall off like the others. The two behind me made me feel uneasy as the way they were posed made it seem as if they were anticipating something to come out of the blue.
“So why were you picked? Doesn’t matter get what we want you’ll live you don’t and you’ll end up having to be scraped off of the asphalt. Understood?” I nodded my head in compliance. I managed to shake off the hysterics, and my first bunch of words came out a gibberish mess. I tried once again and managed my words to come out somewhat ok.
“First of all-“
“Everything will be explained within time, deliver the items asked for and, receive the answers you crave.” At this moment there isn’t anything I can do, to fight them would make no sense, since they brought me here with no problem. What were these items she is looking for and why do they need me?
“Yeah so your best bet is to do as told. And we need you to go in because you’re not unholy like us.”
“Did she just—“
“Yes, I did.”
“Boss, we need to hurry this up! It seems they are only getting closer by the minute.”
“Goddamn it!” she said and followed to pick me up and jump down the cliff. The moment we landed she turned and threw me into a cave. “Get the rings and keep them safe!” she yelled I stood up and noticed some fearsome creatures jump from the tops of the trees; the two other hooded girls slammed the cave opening and forced a rockslide closing off the entrance. I sat back near the blocked entrance to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. When they were fixated to what they could I began walking stumbling and tripping along the corridor. I walked with what seemed forever, I saw a small glimmering orange glow far in the distance. When I finally managed to reach the speck of light it turns out it was a rather large shrine. In the entryway there was two large statues one of a man and the other of a reptile. The man was shoving a spear into the reptile and the reptile seemed to be holding a sword to the man’s neck. I the far back of the shrine there was a giant stone hand that stood out on top of an incline of steps, the hand reached out as if trying to grab a hold of something else. “Are thou pure of heart?” a loud thunderous voice called out, “Cometh towards and sit on the hand of judgment.”
I began to approach the stone statue. Every step I took I felt as if I was being watched, from every step to every sway from a strand of hair. I climbed upon and felt a chill come down my spine, and move throughout my body. “You aren’t pure, yet not tainted. This is rather a rare case of whether to or not to.” There was a silence before he spoke again. “I am Lord Ixion and this is my shrine. What is it you seek?” What do I seek? “Speak you peasant!” it roared
“I seek your rings!” I called back out to it.
“You come to seek my rings! Who sent you? Come into my shrine and demand rings! We shall test you and see if you are worth my rings.” Just then a loud rumbling and cracking began to happen, the wall erupted with a force it blinded me for a second I looked up and saw the two stone statues had come to life. I ran down the step and behind a pillar checking on the statues. Things changed though, the lizard now missing one arm and the man holding a large broad sword with jagged edges. The room became dark and all you could hear was the sounds of rock breaking and falling, then silence. Moments later lights came back. I saw the man had been destroyed and the lizard was still standing, although its shape had been altered. It had its body and head intact and in place of arms it had a dark, misty, substance. It picked up the sword and shot it at the hand, shattering it. “What is the meaning of this?! What sort of magic are you using?!” he questioned
“It’s not me! I don’t know what it is!” the stone creature slowly turned to me and shot a boulder in my direction. It made the pillar I was hiding behind begin to crack. It continuously struck the pillar making it weaker and weaker with each hit. “Hey listen you have to move from here. A few more hits and it will get through.”
“Who goes there?”
“Move!” and just like that I dove onto the next pillar. The voice was finally put a face, it was a little girl probably no older than 12 years. I stared in amazement. “Lord Ixion, please hear out our plea, we are at your mercy, please allow our unfit hearts, to wield the lightning you command.” She called out.
“What are you doing?” I asked her. She pulled me down telling me to get on my knees and pray alongside her. I refused.
“Do you want to die hero?” she said. I was at another in pass. So I got down on my knees and cried out one last time. “I have heard your plea, and I will allow you to manipulate the power I once aimed. Come to where the Hand of Judgment once stood.”
“Go! I’ll distract the demon. Come on Hades we have a job to do.” She gestured as she began to levitate into the air. She then proceeded to shoot fire to slow and distract the creature. I ran maneuvering through the rubble, jumping over dropped pillars and ducking under collapsed walls. As I made my way up the stairs the creature turned to me and began to shoot anything it could get its hands on. Almost at the top and the rings appeared out of nowhere, the creature then shot an enormous boulder at me I barely managed to grab the rings before being thrown aside by a mystical force.
“Put them on!” she exclaimed. I put them on my right ring finger and pinky since they wouldn’t fit on my others. They adjusted accordingly and almost immediately a burning, freezing, surging pain ran through my body. As I lay on the floor I couldn’t comprehend what was going on, I tried to get on my feet but my hand felt unusually heavy. The girl then came to by my side, “aim to the red orb in its chest.” She told me. The creature then threw several rocks at us; the girl then got in front and stopped all of them forms moving. “Jack I can’t do everything you know?” she mentioned breathing heavily.
“Right.” I couldn’t explain how, but I knew how to do it. I ran around the rocks and shot a lightning bolt from my hand on to it. The girl then dropped everything and fell to her knees; the creature picked her up with his dark entity that can be almost made out be a hand.
“Jack, help me!” she yelled. I stood there shocked. The creature then flung her at me sending us both flying back. We hit the wall so hard and I could hardly move. It continued by pick me up and begins to crush me. I looked down and saw her body lay there unmoving, I looked over at the monster and saw had a perfect chance to strike. I focused all of my energy and power into one large bolt, my finger tips began to spark and I shot it. The bolt hit and forced it to release its grip on me. I ran towards the girl and picked her up in my arms and her eyes opened widely the iris changed from a chocolate brown to auburn red, she pushed me away and glided towards the creature picking up a sword, with her mystics and shoved it into it. She disintegrated almost half of it and destroying the red orb in the process.

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