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General Zelda Has Zelda Ever Made You Cry?

Feb 23, 2011
No. There are simply not enough tear-inducing moments in the series. Then again, it takes A LOT to sadden me, let alone reduce me to tears to begin with. In spite of this, a moment in MM where I came pretty close to shedding a tear comes to mind. Well, it was not an exact moment in the plot so much as it was the game itself.

Astral Observatory theme music - the song that played a huge role in nearly reducing me to tears.​
You see, I used to have a propensity to become wholly engrossed into most adventure games and RPGs, so much so, that I get all depressed after having completed them. I guess you could say that I felt so much apart of the story that the ending was almost like actual death; and like actual death, I became saddened by the realization that the game - "my life" - was over...

Of all of the adventure games that I have gotten depressed over completing, MM was the closest I had ever come to shedding a tear. I had fallen in love (ugh... love) with its characters, settings, soundtrack, and everything... I just couldn't bear to see it all end. However... not a single tear was shed... ;j
Mar 10, 2012
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I cried a lot during Skyward Sword. 1st when Zelda sacrificed herself to keep Demise imprisoned (couldn't see Link suffer :(). Oh, and that end...Fi gone: tears! Impa gone: more tears!! SS finished: even more tears!!!
Also cried when Midna broke the Mirror of Twilight with her tear...:cry:


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Feb 8, 2011
Not particularly. I've never outright cried that I can remember, but have felt greatly saddened several times. I always get this way after rescuing Colin from King Bullbo, and when visiting Zelda before she crystallizes herself in SS.
Feb 14, 2012
Yes is the short answer. The long version is as follows.
Twilight Princess - the end. I never liked Midna until a point in the middle of the game in which I began intensenly (sorry for bad spelling) to care for her. And saying goodbye was simply not possible.
Skyward Sword - Fi's/Impa's farewell. Kind of the same thing, but I actually liked Fi from the beginning, though she had this mysterious aura about her. Then I began hating her a bit for being so fact-oriented. But then again I realised at the end that she actually cared. And that was so sad. I was like "I'm so sorry Fi. Here I was just hating you, and then you say that I taught you how to feel and all" or something like that. Then saying goodbye to Impa twice, that was just too much on top of the sad farewell to Fi.
A Link to the Past - the credits. What needs to be said. Link's uncle is revived/not dead. I think they're a bit unclear on this. They never really state that he dies. And in the end Link wishes upon the Triforce that everythin should be it's old peaceful self. It may just be me, but when I first saw that wish and later Link with his uncle I was like. "LINK'S UNCLE GOT REVIVED FROM THE DEAD!!!" followed by big floods of tears.
Though there is many other times and events and music and so on that made a big emotional impact on me those three must be the biggest.
Another one is Link's Grandma in the Wind Waker when she is sick and dreaming about Link and li'l sis' (forgot her name). I was like "but I'm right here Grandma" and the music was just so nostalgic in a way I can't describe.


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Jan 16, 2013
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Honestly, never that I can recall. I do feel a little sad for Link's Awakening. Marin and all the people and places turn out to be just a dream. She was never real! Why?!? It was so amazing! I can't believe they would make it all a dream and never revisit it. Termina is real. Holodrum is real. It's not fair. A thousand cruses on Capcom. Someone please tell me you know what I'm talking about.


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Feb 5, 2013
I don't cry much at all, but these games made me feel sad:
Twilight Princess: What happens to Midna.
Spirit Tracks: Byrne's sad death.
Skyward Sword: Fi's farewell.


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Jan 13, 2012
Well, I NEARLY cried the first time I beat Twilight Princess..... But not many things can actually make me feel so much emotional movement to the point I cry. If I do get moved my something, I usually just get a tiny bit teary-eyed.... not much though, so, Yeah, I've never really cried over any Zelda games... Though, I wailed when I beat Kingdom Hearts 2 and Axel Died. It was what he said, and ugh- just the way that scene went down made me actually physically cry. (I also had my best friend there crying with me) xD

I guess Zelda doesn't have such a complex character make up that people could end up getting attached to the characters (if any) that die, or go away forever. Twilight Princess is the only one I've played that I could see somebody crying over. King of Hyrule in Wind Waker wasn't really a character you could get attached to (In my opinion), and I can't really think of any other "losses" or "tragedies" within the series... I mean, there is that dead deku you meet at the beginning of Majora's Mask, but you never know him well enough to form any kind of character bond.... but you could at least feel some level of sympathy for the deku butler.....

I know lots of people on these forums dislike TP
Really? well, they suck! (just kidding don't hurt me)

But seriously, I loved TP, and it was my favorite for the longest time, until I played MM for the first time.
I still say that Twilight Princess is the best Recent Zelda game. It's my second favorite, but it's really close to my favorite....
MM just beats it by a hair.
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Dec 6, 2012
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Nope. But I almost did at the end of SS. That was super emotional for me already (having just beaten what was my favorite game of all time) and then too throw Fi's farewell on top of it, with the emotional music, was just tear wrenching. But it didn't quite get me there.


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Aug 28, 2012
I started bawling as I was playing Skyward Sword. And I mean BAWLING. *sniff* I'm tearing up now just thinking about it...

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