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Hardest games/ easiest games


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Oct 31, 2018
hey everyone! my idea for this thread is to share your opinion(which will not be criticized) about which are the easiest and hardest games in LOZ. you can give one, you can rank the top three, or the top ten for all I care.
ill start
1.Minish Cap
2.I wouldn't know
3. I wouldn't know
1. adventure of link(no kidding)
2.Majora's Mask
3.Legend of Zelda
note: I've only played NES SNES N64 and GB(C)(A) I will(at some point) be trying DS
The original LoZ and AoL are difficult. ALttP is no slouch either.

I didnt find Minish Cap hard to play but i did have trouble finding the right way to progress rather than be dying all the time.

Majora's Mask's dungeons were difficult for me too.

As for easiest; Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword And Breath of the Wild after the Great Plateau.

The rest are all in the middle for one reason or another.
Oct 31, 2018
Hyrule Castle
The hardest Zelda game I've played is Majora's Mask. The 3 days, the dungeons, having to find all the 24 masks, etc.

The easiest for me is Ocarina of time. I've played through it so many times, that's probably why.
Oct 14, 2013
In no particular order

Wind Waker
A Link to the Past

Hyrule Warriors
Majora's Mask

I don't have 3 for each, only 2. Also for me Zelda 2 is not the hardest Zelda game. I find it pretty easy. It's not the easiest but also not the hardest Zelda game. Somewhere in the middle for me.


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Apr 10, 2017
1-Zelda II
2- OG LoZ
3- Majora's Mask but it really wasnt that hard

1- Minish Cap
2- Wind Waker
3- Twilight Princess
May 11, 2011
They're mostly easy for me. This is not a bad thing, I don't mind easy games as long as they still pose some sort of challenge, so even though many of them are easy, I still get lots of satisfaction and enjoyment from doing them, so that's the important thing.

Here's my ranking.

1 - Four Swords (It's too short not to be at the top. Difficulty Rating = 2/10)
2 - A Link Between Worlds (Awesome game, but I must admit, very easy. Difficulty Rating = 2.5/10)
3 - The Windwaker (Amazing, but easy. Some of the sailing might require slight navigation skills, but otherwise a breeze. Difficulty Rating = 3/10)
4 - The Minish Cap (All a breeze but with a hard final boss. Difficulty Rating = 3/10)
5 - Ocarina Of Time (So easy, but I know it so well. The camera can mess you up though. Nostalgia and knowledge on this game make it high on the easy list, otherwise it could be a spot lower? Difficulty Rating = 3.5/10)
6 - Twilight Princess (Generally easy. The bosses are especially easy. Difficulty Rating = 3.5/10)
7 - Link's Awakening (Mostly easy. A couple of annoyances here and there, but otherwise... Difficulty Rating = 4/10)
8 - Phantom Hourglass (Would be easier if not for the tiring stylus controls. They alone bump up the difficulty. The puzzles though are very easy mostly. My touch screen was not registering where I was pressing though, it was way off. I tried to re-calibrate many times but no better. I genuinely don't know if this is a problem with my touch screen, or the game itself? I played on a 3DS. Difficulty Rating = 4.5/10)
9 - Four Swords Adventures (I can't remember having any trouble, but it didn't stand out as unusual either, so... Difficulty Rating = 4.5/10)
10 - Oracle Of Ages (A mid-ranker when it comes to difficulty. Difficulty Rating = 5/10)
11 - Majora's Mask (From this point on, the challenge goes up. The things that up the challenge on this one though, are the time limit and save system, otherwise it's not that hard. More stressful than difficult, really. Difficulty Rating = 5.5/10)
12 - Skyward Sword (Mostly because of the tiring motion controls. If it had traditional controls, then it would be much easier, but the motion controls make for a physically more tiring experience than most, and sometimes they're unresponsive too. The other thing though, is that enemies do more damage than most other zelda games. Still not too bad, but this definitely separates it from the easier games. Difficulty Rating = 6/10)
13 - Triforce Heroes (Only did single-player, so it's harder to control all Links I guess? But not too bad either. Difficulty Rating = 6/10)
14 - Breath Of The Wild (There's some really challenging stuff in it, but the main game isn't really that hard. But it does require work to start off with. And the divine beasts I thought were harder than regular dungeons (well except for Medoh, that was easy). Difficulty Rating = 6.5/10)
15 - Oracle Of Seasons (This one's hard to rank, because if played without a linked game, it is ridiculously hard to stay alive. But if played as a linked game, with a decent ring in possession, it is very easy. So I don't know where to rank this, but balancing out both experiences... Difficuty Rating = 6.5/10)
16 - A Link To The Past (Easy to figure stuff out, but hard for deaths. Difficulty Rating = 7.5/10)
17 - Spirit Tracks (It's just very awkward control-wise. It was an enormously bigger challenge than PH for some reason. I consider the tower of spirits to be pretty hard. The touchscreen issues being off, that I mentioned with PH, also applied here. Difficulty Rating = 8/10)
18 - The Legend Of Zelda (Just a lot of deaths. Figuring secrets out can be ridiculous, but figuring the core game out isn't that bad. But either way, lots of deaths. Difficulty Rating = 8/10)
19 - The Adventure Of Link (The only one I've only beaten once. I never revisited it for a second playthrough, so memory is hazy, but I certainly remember it being horribly hard. Dificulty Rating = 9.5/10)

For the spinoffs I've done - Link's Crossbow Training is ridiculously short, but it's actually not that easy. It just takes practice. I'd say about a 6 for that. Hyrule Warriors is average I'd say, some bits are easy, but some require work/grinding. Again, you need to get used to the gameplay, and then practice makes perfect. 5.5 for that. Finally, OOT Master Quest. A lot harder than the original IMO, I'd say 7. But the 3DS master quest has double damage, so 8 for that.
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