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Halloween 2022 Pumpkin Carving Competition - Entry Round

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Sep 12, 2018
Halloween 2022 Pumpkin Carving Competition

Hee hee hee! It is I, the czar of Halloween! I believe we are all familiar with carving pumpkins and making jack-o-lanterns. And none are more familiar with the subject than I; my own head is a pumpkin, after all! I do so love seeing what humans can come up with when carving pumpkins. And so I'd like to see the carvings you all come up with, as well! All you must do is carve a pumpkin any which way you desire, take a lovely photo of it-- lit or unlit, the choice is yours-- and upload it to this thread! Please only make one post in this thread, and remember to follow the ZD Rules when submitting your carvings. Please PM either @Azure Sage or @Spiritual Mask Salesman if you have any questions.

Entries for this competition will be open from October 22nd - 31st 11:59 PM EST. By entering a carving in this competition, you will become my loyal subject and receive an orange username with a special pumpkin
next to it for the duration of the month! (Assuming you haven't already received one from the other events.) Now, go out and show me the spookiest carvings you can muster!
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