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Gobli's Pokemon Fanfic Sign up

Mega Atsuma

Story Teller
Aug 18, 2009
My Fantasy World
So I am gonna write a short pokemon fanfic. I'm not elite when it comes to pokemon knowledge, but I know the basics. I think that's good enough for a tale. The story is simple: a random trainer [me] aims to become the Champion of Alola. After beating the Kalos champion [some Zder friend of mine] and becoming the champ, Gobli gets an invitation from Professor Kukuy to come to Alola and attempt the same feat. Gobli, who loves challenges as much as he loves pokemon and friends, accepts.

Now, there will be trouble to deal with, of course. I'll think of something. lol Probably Team Darkness, or somn.

For now, you can join this tale. Just create yourself, or your trainer and post his/her data here for me to use.

Role, if any:
Starter/Main Pokemon:
Full 6-Pokemon Team:

Gobli's data:

Name: Gobli
Age: 21, and there is a reason
Gender: M
Role, if any: Competitive Trainer
Region: Born in Hoenn
Appearance: Six feet tall, light skin, brownish hair with silver bangs.
Starter/Main Pokemon: Mawile
Full 6-Pokemon Team: Mawile, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???
Extras: Gobli has traveled the lands with his mother, who is a photographer, and thus he's always liked to be part of the pokemon challenges. He knows many trainers and has earn their respect, as well as they have earned his.
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BoDoc Horseman
Staff member
Nov 24, 2012
Oh my god, time for a self insert. I’ve had a dog team in mind for ages.

Name: Ben
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Role, if any: Friend (though tbh you can do whatever you want)
Appearance: Short blonde hair that is slightly brushed to the side, slim athletic build. Dresses mostly in blue and has brown eyes.
Starter/Main Pokemon: Rockruff
Full 6-Pokemon Team: Rockruff, Growlithe/Arcanine, Houndour/Houndoom, Electrike/Manectric, Poochyena/Mightyena, Lillipup but never Stoutland (for those with the evolutions, it’s up to you which to use)
Extras Ben clearly adores canine Pokémon. His care for Pokémon isn’t solely limited to the dogs, as he seeks to be friends with any that he encounters. Is super bad with type matchups (clearly) but still puts his all into fights.

Twilight Shadows

"Monster: A word used to discriminate the unknown"
Oct 30, 2018
Twilight Realm
Name: Twilght
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Role, if any: Pokémon Healer, and Caretaker.
Region: Born in Kanto, more specifically Viridian Forest.
Appearance: 4 ft. 9 in., long blonde hair with bangs covering her brown eye, leaving her blue eye exposed, and light colored skin.
Starter/Main Pokémon: Skitty
Full 6-Pokémon Team: Skitty (Loves to stay out of her Pokéball and explore, Nickname: Kit.), Misdreavus (Nickname: Misty), Shiny Phantump (Nickname: Danny), Ralts (Nickname: Sakuya), Absol (Nickname: Sol), ???
Extras: Able to heal a Pokémon's wounds by touching said Pokémon, and feel the pain they're suffering. Always tries to avoid battles as much as possible, and isn't afraid to take a beating in her Pokémon's stead.
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Princess Niki

Staff member
ZD Legend
Aug 27, 2011
Name: Niki
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Role, if any: A trainer that has dabbled in Pokemon contests but mostly does gym battles. Is interested in trying the Island Challenge.
Appearance: Pink hair tied back into pigtails with yellow bands that have dark pink stars on them. Blue eyes.
Starter/Main Pokemon: Eevee/Espeon
Full 6-Pokemon Team: Espeon, Wigglytuff, Crobat, Walrein, Pidgeot and Chandelure
Extras: Somehow wound up here from another universe that has Pokemon but is based on our world. Home town Tokyo (uses Celedon as to not confuse the locals.) Close friends with Latias and Latios.


The Minish Craftsman
May 10, 2019
Verdanturf Town
Name: Ezlo
Age: 15
Gender: M
Role, if any: Pokemon Trainer
Region: Born in Verdanturf Town, Hoenn
Appearance: 5ft. 10" Usually untidy jet black hair, dark brown eyes,slightly dark skin.
Starter/Main Pokémon: Torchic/Blaziken
Full 6 Pokémon team: Blaziken, Lucario, Luxray, Azumarill, Fletchinder, Leafeon
Extras: Ezlo loves to explore and discover new things, He loves to befriend Pokemon and battle other trainers. He doesn't talk much but is always there for his friends.
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