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Game Help FAQ(Read Before Posting)

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May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
This thread is to help members understand how the General Game Help section is meant to be used on this site. Below is a list of what to do and what not to do in this section.

What This Section is Used For
General Game Help is for members to post questions about a particular game that they are having trouble with.

How Can I Ask for Help?
First and foremost, always remember to review already posted threads before posting your own. Your question could have very well already been answered before, but the thread may be somewhere in the back of the section. You can always use the Search tool at the top-right of the forum section to look for any threads that may pertain to your question.

Now, once you have searched, if you do not find your question already answered, then its on to posting. Posting a thread is easy, but you will have to make it clear what kind of help you are needing in the game. In your title, remember to put the game's title within your question. For example, say I was having trouble in Super Mario Galaxy, searching for stars. I would post my title like so:

"SMG-Help Finding Stars" or "Help Finding Stars in SMG"

"SMG" is the abbreviation used to identify the game title, "Super Mario Galaxy". The entire title can be written out as well, but abbreviations make the title shorter and easier to read from the forum's main page, although this could be a problem if people aren't as familiar with the abbreviation as they are the ones in the Zelda Game Help section.

Including a good description is key as well. Make sure you add as much as you can, as far as what point exactly you are stuck in, what you have tried, etc., so that other members don't have to come up and ask for more description to your question. The idea is to have as few posts as possible to get the answer you are looking for.

After Your Question Has Been Answered...
Whenever your question has been answered, you may request for the thread to be closed or ask for additional help. However, you must make it clear within three days after you post the thread that you need further help, or the thread will be closed anyway.


What NOT to do in This Section

Do Not Post Game Help if it is Not Requested
This section is meant for game help requests only. If you are a member who has extensive knowledge on a particular game, do not post a thread offering help in this section. Instead, wait until another member asks a question about that particular game.

Do Not Make Unnecessary Posts
There are two main types of "unnecessary posts". The first, is when you don't know the answer to a member's question, yet you post anyway. If you don't know the answer to a thread question, DO NOT post something random, such as "I don't know" or "I remember playing that part, but can't remember what to do".

The second type of "unnecessary post" is answering the question twice. Whenever a member completely and accurately answers a question posted in this section, DO NOT follow up by posting after them with something like: "Right... That is what you do", or post the same answer again. If a member posted an answer that was not complete, you may add to the answer only if you are completely certain that the added information is essential to answer the question. Once the question is answered, a Moderator will close the thread accordingly. Remember, the General Game Help section is not meant to be used as an open discussion (if possible), but mainly as a quick help area.

Requesting Emulation Info
This section is to help people who are stuck in a game or are having a problem with a game (as if it isn't working correctly for some reason), not to look for emulators or roms. If you have a question, and you are using a particular emulator to play the game, that is fine. But DO NOT request emulators, roms, or sites to find either in this section.

The same goes for a member responding to an inquiry about finding emulators and roms. If a member requests information about where to find emulators or roms, DO NOT answer their request and post links to sites containing emulators or roms.
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