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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

I'm sorry. I just had to post it. Not only is someone schooling Mases meaningful on its own but everything is better when boobs are involved.

9:37 PM <A Link In Time> Big boobs are hot on any chick.
9:37 PM <Axle the Beast> lol
9:37 PM <Wolf Sage> Was Tiamat in said game in an anthropomorphic figure or a dragon?
9:37 PM <Ventus> Alit wtf
9:37 PM <Majora's Cat> Oh god alit how is that hot o_O
9:36 PM <Axle the Beast> lol
9:35 PM <A Link In Time> That's hot.
9:35 PM <A Link In Time> Holy **** load.
9:35 PM <Axle the Beast> http://darksidersdungeon.net/wiki/im.../9a/Tiamat.png
9:35 PM <Axle the Beast> Tiamat - Darksiders Wiki
9:34 PM <Axle the Beast> Huge.
9:34 PM <A Link In Time> Or is she flat?
9:34 PM <A Link In Time> Does she have big boobs?
9:34 PM <A Link In Time> So about Tiamat...
9:34 PM <Axle the Beast> inb4: "This is no place for a horse."
9:34 PM <surferguy7> *Hides*
9:34 PM <surferguy7> School tomorrow
9:33 PM <A Link In Time> lolol
9:33 PM <Axle the Beast> And that her boobs are clearly visible.
9:33 PM <Axle the Beast> My proudest moment today was informing Mases that Tiamat in Darksiders is a girl.
9:32 PM <Big Octo> Beans
9:32 PM <Wolf Sage> Nice.
9:31 PM <A Link In Time> lmao
9:31 PM <Axle the Beast> Hellz ya.
9:31 PM <Axle the Beast> 41 freaking posts.
Feb 23, 2011
11:37 PM <A Link In Time> Are you ok, Din?
11:37 PM <Wolf Sage> Mhmm...
11:37 PM <A Link In Time> lol wut
11:37 PM <Din Akera> lol kay i'm done now XD
11:37 PM <Din Akera> but that was just the way life was!
11:37 PM <Din Akera> It took ten minutes to find what you were looking for!
11:36 PM <Din Akera> and we just dealt with that!
11:36 PM <Din Akera> 4!
11:36 PM <Din Akera> There were only 4 buttons!
11:36 PM <Din Akera> when I first got here!
11:36 PM * Din Akera uses old person voice
11:36 PM <Din Akera> there are a lot of freaking buttons on the forum header now


Sep 19, 2011
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*points gun* Laugh now you little penguin pushers
5:03 AM <A Link In Time> emoticon fail
5:03 AM <A Link In Time> Damn
5:03 AM <NESpowerhouse> no, shutup
5:03 AM <A Link In Time> go away
5:03 AM <A Link In Time>
5:03 AM <Big Octo> do you or do you not have school tomorrow
5:03 AM * Dan eats ALIT
5:03 AM <NESpowerhouse> I'll pay you 100 internet dollars to actually shower on skype
5:03 AM <Wolf Sage> o__________________________O
5:03 AM <Big Octo> ALIT
5:03 AM * A Link In Time consumes Wolf Sage.
5:03 AM * Dan eats donuts
5:02 AM * Wolf Sage regurgitates donuts.
5:02 AM <A Link In Time> And I still get service
5:02 AM <A Link In Time> No shoes
5:02 AM <Dan> yes with more Danerific features added every day skype is great for the whole family
5:02 AM <A Link In Time> No shirt
5:02 AM <NESpowerhouse> o_0
5:02 AM <A Link In Time> Sexy.
5:02 AM <Dan> Skype features a great consturct of features including contact with Dan, showeing with Dan and bathing with Dan !
5:01 AM <NESpowerhouse> I'm just too lazy I guess
5:01 AM <Wolf Sage> Skype tugs on the little bandwidth that I actually have left...
5:01 AM <Dan> get it
5:01 AM <NESpowerhouse> I don't have Skype
5:01 AM <Dan> bit harsh

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
9:10 PM <Violet> ....
9:10 PM <Violet> OH WAIT
9:10 PM <Violet> I MISSED YOU
9:10 PM <Violet> SINIRU
9:01 PM <Siniru> Fail IPod keyboard
9:00 PM <Siniru> -LOLOLOLOL
9:00 PM <Siniru> Lulululuk
9:00 PM <Siniru> Hi VIO
8:52 PM <Violet> ahadfihjapfgafh
8:52 PM <Violet> and sleepy after slept
8:52 PM <Violet> im so bored
8:52 PM <Violet> gawsh
I'm horrible at telling time :kawaii:

9:45 PM <Siniru> Someone add this to the SB thread
9:45 PM <Violet> i feel stupidly dizzy
9:45 PM <Terminus> I've got a new blog post. This time it's about a haunted Wii!
9:45 PM <Violet> owh gosh
9:45 PM <Violet> wut
9:44 PM <Violet> LOL
9:44 PM * Siniru keeps hugging Train
9:44 PM * Siniru pushes VIO
9:43 PM <JuicieJ>
9:43 PM * Thareous wins
9:43 PM <Thareous> >:D
9:43 PM <Violet> C:<
9:43 PM <Violet> ikr
9:43 PM <Violet> lol
9:43 PM * Violet hugs Train while Siniru is posting
9:43 PM <JuicieJ> >=D
9:43 PM <JuicieJ> lolfail
9:43 PM <Violet> >
9:43 PM <Siniru> and OK
9:43 PM <Siniru> Spam much?
9:43 PM <Violet> I posted at the RP's, Sinny~
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There you are! You monsters!
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Feb 8, 2011
8:43 AM * Thareous wins
8:43 AM <Thareous> >[noparse]:D[/noparse]
8:43 AM <Violet> C:<
8:43 AM <Violet> ikr
8:43 AM <Violet> lol
8:43 AM * Violet hugs Train while Siniru is posting
8:43 AM <JuicieJ> >=D
8:43 AM <JuicieJ> lolfail
8:43 AM <Violet> >:D
8:43 AM <Siniru> and OK
8:43 AM <Siniru> Spam much?
8:43 AM <Violet> I posted at the RP's, Sinny~

The [noparse ] [/noparse] tags do many wonderful things.


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Aug 22, 2011
Your Imagination... Is life real?! Am I real?!
Remember kids: Words are possessive.... So very possessive...

* Siniru breaks down LOLing
<Wolf Sage> Dinobits.
<Siniru> Video's Hobo....
<Wolf Sage> For example: Video's donut...
<Siniru> I have the memory of an elephant.
<Wolf Sage> It's as if something belongs to "video." lol
<JuicieJ> I didn't say that...
<Siniru> <JuicieJ> For some reason the word "Video" is possessive...
<Wolf Sage> Video's. < possessive.
<JuicieJ> l:/
<Siniru> Look in the mirror
<JuicieJ> Why?
<Siniru> I also think the word Video is possessive.
<JuicieJ> Your face
<Wolf Sage> Because funny...
<JuicieJ> Then why the "lolwut"
<Wolf Sage> I know. lol
<JuicieJ> I was making fun of it
<JuicieJ> That thread says "video's"
<Wolf Sage> lol
<Wolf Sage> Slaughter's locker...
<Siniru> No JK.
<Wolf Sage> Slaughter's. < possessive...
* Siniru slaughters Wolfy
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Sep 19, 2011
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I love this wolf.

[16:31:05] Dan: what was that post you made on someones blog that was completly random xD ?
[16:31:12] Dan: I actully ate a donut for dinner today ;p
[16:31:37] Kurt: But I was telling the truth...
[16:31:47] Kurt: ...I really had ate a donut for dinner that day.
[16:31:51] Kurt: ;(
[16:31:54] Dan: xD
[16:31:58] Dan: that was awesome ;p
[16:32:14] Dan: definely one of the highest ranking posts on zd
[16:32:30] Kurt: It isn't funny...
[16:32:43] Dan: I found it funny ;p
[16:32:55] Kurt: You're hurting my feelings... ;(
[16:33:05] Kurt: It wasn't meant to be a joke...
[16:33:19] Dan: even so I still found it funny ;p
[16:33:47] Kurt: Do you find it funny that I must eat donuts everyday because I can't afford a homecooked meal..? D:
[16:34:06] Dan: yeah
[16:34:08] Dan: ;)
[16:34:49] Kurt: D:
[16:34:55] Kurt: How insensitive!
[16:35:01] Dan: bit harsh
[16:35:06] Kurt: You're being a big meany head...
[16:35:09] Kurt: D:


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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
PT scared the hell out of all of us D:

9:06 PM <Axle the Beast> The SS Bokoblins aggressively charge you immediately, then pull back and wait.
9:06 PM <Atticus>
9:06 PM <Koosholts> I have to sit in front of a Bokoblin for a few seconds before it stops blocking and finally attacks me
Siniru Answered in thread : Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?
9:06 PM <PhantomTriforce>
9:06 PM <Axle the Beast> Those statistics are exaggerated heavily.
9:06 PM <Lord Vain> The Technoblins were annoying.....
9:06 PM <JuicieJ> That is so not tre
9:06 PM <PhantomTriforce> I didn't mean it like that
9:06 PM <JuicieJ> Atticus
9:06 PM <PhantomTriforce> o god
9:06 PM <PhantomTriforce> Nicole come sleep with me
9:06 PM <Koosholts> Look at Atticus's statistics

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