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Forum Games Rules

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The Dutch Kusagari
Oct 17, 2007
The Netherlands
Welcome to the forum games section. Here you are free to post your forum game and contribute to other games.

This section won't be heavily moderated, but I would like to have some basic rules to keep the forum games suited for all ages.

1. The basic rules of the forum also apply for this section
You can read the basic forum rules here.

2. Double Posting
Double posting is not suggested but it is allowed in this section as long as it is not abused. Feel free to double post in your respective forum game if you feel it is necessary, such as bumping a thread, but please do not triple or quadruple post. In most cases, rather than double posting, you can simply edit the previous post to include any additional information that you missed. Note: Post count is disabled in this section so double posting will not change a users total number of posts at the forum.

3. Slow Chat
Slow chat means that two members reply to each other constantly, creating a page full with posts from just two members. For most forum games slow chat is not a problem and is allowed at the forums. However, a specific thread starter may suggest limiting the amount of slow chat and this will be posted in the initial thread of a forum game. In threads such as these, please wait until a number of other users have responded or a 24hour period has gone by.

4. Images
In some forum games you have to post images. To avoid super long loading times, don't use large resolution pictures. Also don't post more then 2 images in a post.

5 Have fun and Use Common Sense
Last but not least, I hope you will enjoy playing the 'infamous' forum games. Don't forget to post in other sections too though ;)
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