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Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy XVI at the latest PlayStation 5 Showcase event.

The trailer shows off a surprising amount of gameplay and an English dub but no release date was mentioned.

Are you hyped for FFXVI?

All Might

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Feb 8, 2011
I heard that the gameplay director from DMC5 was involved here, and I think that the trailer confirms that. The combat animations look really similar and the fireball magic is probably the substitute for the long-range pistols. While the gameplay looked awesome, I can't really say the same for the framerate; seemed like there was so much slowdown on screen despite this being on next-gen hardware. But either way, I'll probably be picking this up.


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Apr 7, 2019
I can understand why people would write this off as kind of bland, but damn, my inner fangirl is screaming hard right now. The summons looks sick, there's theories about a job system and the music is dooope.

Excited for sure.

AND it's a return to high fantasy fro the mainline series. Can't wait to see if they do more with the setting.

Only thing I didn't like was that it looked a bit similar to XIV - We've gone a decade since Final Fantasy felt 'new' (with XV being a rebranding of a spinoff) and I kinda wish it looked more distinct. The plus side of this is that it's because it's the Heavensward team that's working on this, with Yoshida in the director's chair, no more Nomura/Kitase shenanigans.


Sal Manella
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May 4, 2012
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I liked what I saw, I know there's been some gripes about how the visuals/character designs look bland, but I really liked how we saw a lot more medieval fantasy stuff going on here
the combat looked....eh? but this was just our first look, looking forward to seeing more


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Jul 6, 2011
It looked very like FF15 gameplay wise which I liked and the English voices seemed quite good. They didn't show any breathtaking areas or cities and seemed to keep things to a few areas which means they probably aren't that far along development. I expect to see this in 10 years.

I think I'll enjoy it but I won't get hyped now.
I'm not impressed at all. It looks like FFXII and FFXV had a baby and tried to pass it off as an FFXIV expansion.

Having played XV and VIIR the combat couldn't look more boring to me. Looks like a lot more of holding down Square to do super cool looking stuff while being bored to tears.
I hope I'm wrong about that and that the combat is more hands on. But at that point why is FF even still considered and RPG and not a character action game like DMC, which seems to be what it wants to be recently.

One of the bug pulling points for me with FF was to see what the next title looked like. Up until now they've all looked very different, but FFXVI feels like a homogenization of previous titles. It was so hard to see anything new or a sense of identity with this trailer.

I also wonder how Square think they can juggle this with VIIR since it takes them ten years a time to release a game once it has been announced.

Just like Monster Hunter, I'm totally done with trying to burrow into FF as a series. If FF ever was a series for me it was back in the 90s when the series still had some magic and excitement, not now.

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