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Female Gorons?

Jun 6, 2011
there should be a female in MM there was that one crying kid how did that happen and the dad needs a mom to have him


Link x Zelda
Feb 7, 2011
I don't think so :S I believe they exist, but just "behind the scenes". I think the reason as to why the developers never created them was because they didnt want to put boobs in a zelda game.....especially bare breasted gorons :S....If you recall, male Gorons DO have nipples, so yeah....I dont think we'll be seeing them anytime soon....unles they wear bras....or something.....ewww now the image is stuck in my head....good topic for discussion tho :)

I don't think that's the issue, because in OoT, they didn't have an issue with giving female zoras boobs and not giving her clothes. It would probably be the same thing with a female goron, subtly giving them female parts without a lot of detail, such as Princess Ruto.


Besides, what if some of those gorons ARE females and they just don't have the same ways to tell the genders apart like we do? You never know!
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