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Favourite Skyward Sword Feature

Dec 22, 2011
I like the Stamina Bar...no more rolling on the ground...Also I like chasing bokoblin's around with my Beetle it's so funny!...And that ghost you see when you defeat enemies...


The bosses for sure. First time I considered a boss fight actually hard in zelda series o.o

Also, fatal blow had shown up in TP hadn't it?


Hylian Grand Admiral
Apr 10, 2012
Kent, Washington
I agree with others who have mentioned the stamina bar and the fatal blow as nice features. The fatal blow is much more satisfying in SS than TP, because of the way you execute it. Swinging both the nunchuk and Wii-mote downwards is much more involving, rather than just pressing the A button at the appropriate time. However, one feature I haven't seen praised. yet in this thread is the Adventure Pouch. Not only does it add an unique RPG element to the game, but it also somewhat explains how Link carries all these items with him all the time. Well, at least a little.

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