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Favorite race out of these three?

Which do you like the most?

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Braava Braava
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Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Depends on which iteration, they all have their good points and bad ones, but for me it's gotta be the deku race from MM just for the funky beat, still find myself humming it.
Mar 18, 2019
The gorons are just a classic zelda race. They have been in more games than the other 2 (unless you count river and ocean Zora as the same race), and I just think that gorons have more personality than the others. Plus Goron link is easily the best transformation in MM.
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Jun 22, 2016
like jiro says depends which gang it is


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Apr 7, 2019
The dekus don't feel like a fully developed race in most of the games aside from MM, but as far as how they are as creatures, I'd say the dekus are so cool!


BoDoc Horseman
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Nov 24, 2012
If the Deku were given the opportunity to be in the series more as a race, I’d select them. But because we’ve only seen them as their own society in like one game, I don’t think I can select them as my favorite overall.

That honor goes to the Zora, who have always been my favorite race to encounter in Zelda games. Unlike the Gorons, Zoras are sleek and cool. They definitely enjoy in the finer things in life (barring, ofc, King Zora).

If we could get the Deku more fleshed out as a race and give them more to do as a series, that would replace the Zora. Until then...I’m a fish stan.

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Oct 18, 2011
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I always liked the Zora the best, especially in Majora's Mask. An aquatic warrior race that also has a popular band! Mikau has to be one of the best Zoras ever, he busts heads in his spare time while also being practically a rock star! I also found the Zora the most intriguing race aside from MM too. The idea that they can go from a race in alliance with the Royal Family, to enemies, was really cool.


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Jul 6, 2011
It's always been the Goron Bruddahs for me. In OOT and Majora's mask they were a friendly race and I liked their cute round appearance. Members such as Darunia were really likeable funny characters. But it was TP where the Gorons really shone. They had a well developed society, they liked hot springs, were into strength and sumo.No longer did they all look the same apart from their chief, there were unique looking Goron Elders at the top of their society, each with their own distinct personality and look. Baby Gorons had volcanic openings on their heads and one of the elders had them on his back.

Unfortunately 2006 was the last good appearance for Gorons. SS did not feature them prominently enough. And then BoTW went backwards with the race, most of them looked the same again, there were a few unique (but not in a good way) designs and their society seemed to have devolved. The goron kids are mostly brats, yunobo is annoying and they have a useless leader.

The opposite happened for the Zora's in BoTW where I feel the race was portrayed in the best way yet, they have the most beautiful location in the series, I loved their new look. I enjoyed Big Daddy Dorephan and think he is the best Zora king ever. Miles above the one in OOT responsible for that most annoying cutscene. Sidon was great too, very likeable. The saggy elder Zora's were funny in the way that they hate link and then of course you have the contrast with the younger ones who were all friendly and liked him. There is good development when you save them and the elders become grateful afterwards and they realise they were wrong to judge. It's great to see this drastic change in attitude which you don't get with any of the other races in the game.

The Deku aren't in enough games. I like their Majora's Mask appearance and their change from judgemental to more understanding. But they just haven't made enough appearances to compare to Gorons and Zora's.
Sep 3, 2017
I've always thought the Zora's are cool. In OoT I thought they were pretty good, Zora's Domain was something I liked and the somewhat unique way of getting to it was different and I liked it. In Majora's Mask becoming a Zora was something I thought was the coolest thing, and enjoyed the overall theme of Link becoming a Zora. When I picked up BotW I believed the Zoras were probably the best race, and meeting them so early aswell as having likable characters really helped that. Of course, there are many examples in other games too, but these were the three where I liked / remembered them the most.

I'd say I like all the races, Goron's especially I think are great too. Deku's not so much though. But out of these three my vote is on Zoras.
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Aug 16, 2019
Simple. Gorons are the kindest and strongest of all the three . If you remember in TP King Bullbo attacks Kakkariko village but not death mountain! They know what who they are up against.
The Daruk's protection is the best out of the four! you could even fend off death blows with that!

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