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Favorite Ocarina Songs?



1. Saria's song
2. Bolero of fire
3. Prelude of light
4. Zelda's lullabuy
5. Epona's Song

If you know how to play gutiar, all the songs are very simple to learn! :)


Jan 15, 2012
Mossflower Woods
Hmmm. Any that I can play on my ocarina.

Gerudo Valley, Ballad of the Windfish, Ballad of the Goddess, Grandma (from WW), and Sheik's theme.

And Tapion's Theme from the Dragon Ball Z movie Wrath of the Dragon.

hehe Tapion and Link. What a pair. Simply put, both are heroes, both have magic ocarinas and swords and both have travelled through time. Ironically, Wrath of the Dragon was released 4 months before Ocarina of Time was.
Nov 28, 2011
1: Song of Storms (I'm not just a sheep, it is a very good song)
2: Serenade of Water
3: Song of Healing
4: Saria's Song
5: Epona's Song
Feb 5, 2012
It's gonna have to be Zelda's Lullaby for my fave. I dunno why, there's just something about it I really like, like how calm it is and stuff. Song of Storms and Song of Healing is pretty good too.

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