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Favorite Item?

What is your favorite Zelda Item?

  • Clawshots (TP)

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  • Bow (Many)

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  • Boomerang (Many)

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  • Bombs (Many)

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  • Beetle (SS)

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  • Roc's Feather (LA)

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  • Whip (ST+SS)

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  • Slingshot (Many)

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  • Other

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Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
Favorite Items?

We all have our favorite item/items in the Zelda franchise. It's inevitable for us as human beings to become attached to at least one more than the others.

As for me, I have a few favorites. The first easily being the Hookshot and its counterpart the (Double) Clawshot(s). It's such a logically impossible item, and it's cool because of it. A spring-loaded device that can drag an indefinite amount of weight across any distance within its reach in a perfectly straight line. That's just awesome. It's also used in some pretty thought-provoking ways, especially in Twilight Princess, believe it or not. (Nice job, TP. You did something right for a change.)

Second would absolutely have to be the Whip from Spirit Tracks. I wish I could say Skyward Sword's, as well, but that was one of the few things the game didn't execute correctly -- it was rather poor, actually -- so, sadly, I can't. Spirit Tracks, however, used the Whip incredibly. It wasn't just about swinging across a gap, activating Whip-only switches and grabbing collectibles. You could rip enemies' shields away from them, kill most enemies, and throw items at enemies/designated slots ON TOP OF swinging across gaps, activating Whip-only switches, and grabbing collectibles. It had so much depth to it and was a blast to use all the time. I hope it comes back in a 3D title so it can redeem itself after SS's misstep.

Finally, of course, there's the Beetle. I already made a thread (out of sheer boredom) about how awesome this item is, so you should know my thoughts and feelings already, But, seriously, does it get much cooler than a flying mechanical beetle-like object that can pick up bombs and obliterate foes from the air? Hardly. The Hookshot is the only cooler item in the series, but that's because it defies logic. And the way this item is used? Staggering. Nintendo spared no expense implementing this item into Skyward Sword, and it's an item that I hope becomes a staple in the series. It's not like it would permanently have to replace the Boomerang, after all.


embrace the brand new day
Oct 23, 2012

Most useful item ever.


Oct 24, 2012
Crisis? What Crisis?
Pan-decepticon-transdeliberate-selfidentifying-sodiumbased-extraexistential-temporal anomaly

Fun, tremendously useful (almost too useful) and once you got the hang of it controlled moderately well. Versatile too. Using it to scout is extremely helpful, especially since it can fly the length of most maps when fully upgraded. It can take out enemies before they even see you coming, drop bombs, grab items, open doors... about the only thing it doesn't do is your homework.
Nov 2, 2012
Light Arrows in Wind Waker
The Hammer in Wind Waker
Fierce Deity Mask in Majora's Mask
Ball and Chain in Twilight Princess
Jun 20, 2011
No doubt, the magic clock is the best item you can get in the entire series. If you don't know what I am talking about, I hereby pronounce you not a zelda fan.

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