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Fate/Zero Mafia - War for the Holy Grail

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Feb 8, 2011
During the night, in a Mage's mansion underneath the pale light of a full moon, three figures had convened to engage in a life-changing discussion. The circumstances which triggered their assembly were shrouded in mystery yet illuminated by the hope of their shared ambition—to form ranks and together obtain the mystical article known as the Holy Grail. Three generations past had fought and died whenever the Grail incarnated itself before humanity, and now the appearance of marks (known as Command Spells) on their hands heralded the fourth age of the Holy Grail War.

"Little is known about the Grail," the Mage said to his guests, "except that it is said to be an omnipotent wish-granting device. These Seals show that the beginning of the Fourth Holy Grail War is at hand, but we are in need of allies. Arbiter of the war, is there no way for us to turn up an alliance with any other Masters?"

"Not when little is known about the identities of the Masters," said the Arbiter, a priest of the nearby cathedral. "However, word has it that Kariya is in possession of his Servant already...a very powerful one."

The Mage scoffed. "To imagine that a witless fool such as him would be partners with one who does not match his strength. An unsuitable pair, indeed. Even so, I must put up with his company..." His countenance became nonchalant as he turned to his other guest. "And what of you? A man lacking passion so willingly joins our cause to reach the Root, and does not object even though it might go against his own morals."

"I have invested enough interest in your goals so that I may find my own way in life," the third man said, standing stiffly as the Mage and Arbiter observed him. "If there is truly any reason to lead a full life, then surely the Grail will grant me knowledge of it."

"Fear not then, for once the Root opens before us with the Grail's blessing, then all questions will be forfeit." Flashing a small smile, the Mage walked to a nearby table and poured himself a glass of grape juice, then raised the glass. "To our cause and our unshakable company! May our victory be certified through the unity of our Heroic Spirits..."


Elsewhere, a shadowy figure slunk from the darkness of a forest, eyes constantly darting in different directions as they searched for their quarry. In the distance, a large house stood tall against the pallid light of the waning moon. Soon dawn would approach and leave the figure vulnerable to onlookers; they had to use the blanket of predawn to hide their actions and escape undetected.

As the figure neared the house, their eyes came to settle on a pillar in the middle of a verdant garden. Laying atop the ornate head of the column was a gem, casting a radiantly red light off into the surrounding area. The closer that the figure got to it, the clearer it shone, hinting that the gem was visually protected by an illusionary field. Immediately the figure drew enchanted dust from the pouch fastened to their waist and hurled it over the courtyard. The dust glistened as it fell upon every inch of the area, revealing that not a single trap was set in place. The figure stealthily hurried forward to retrieve the gem, but deftly jumped back as a projectile whizzed by.

A voice thundered down from the peak of the large house's roof: "Stealing from my Master are you, filthy dog? One can only wonder what aim you have with that insignificant trinket while all true treasures of this earth belong to a king."

The figure stood still and stared at the new arrival, who was attired in gilded armor that would bring envy to the eyes of any normal being. However, the self-proclaimed king folded his arms and grimaced. "Who gave you assent to look upon me, you lifeless insect?!" Around him the sky suddenly burst alight as if dawn had come early, followed by golden circles that materialized in midair, and weapons crafted from all centuries drifted out of them and pointed directly at the figure below. Before they could even react, the weapons—swords, pikes, daggers, and countless other ancient crafts—rocketed into the figure, slicing apart every limb and muscle.

Satisfied, the kingly Servant indulged in a fleeting smile as he dematerialized into golden specks...

Xyphon was Hassan-i-Sabah, of the Assassin class!

Day 1 Begins

- Do not communicate with each other outside of the game regarding your roles
- Do not reveal any information outside of the game
- Know the basic Mafia rules
- You may roleclaim once each Day
- No mass claims or nameclaims
- Bold your votes like Vote: Xyphon or else they will not be counted
- Do not edit your posts; instead double-post with EBWODP before your new message
- You may not use your Role PMs as evidence
- Night posting is allowed so long as things do not get out of hand
- Most importantly, have fun!

1. musicfan
2. Fig
3. LittleGumball
4. Kybyrian
5. Mellow Ezlo
6. Atticus
7. pkfroce
8. Heroine of Time
9. fused_shadows
10. A Link In Time
11. Ver-go-a-go-go
12. Dracomajora
13. Dekunut
14. AvatarFlygon
15. 43ForceGems
16. Pendio
17. Rachel
18. Draco626
19. sailormars109
20. Mido

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