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Hyrule Warriors Failings and success'


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I've been addicted to this game. It's fun to mow down armies of enemies and I find it quite challenging to make rank and earn costumes/weapons, especially with the DLC content (Twilight Realm is hard). It's a bit repetative, but I don't really mind it when you have the utter ridiculousness of the ally/enemy matchups and how funny it is when they say random lines. (Fi, Ghirahim is not your master, honey). I adore the sillier weapons, like the 8-bit collection. That said, there are some drawbacks.

Some of the glitches are very apparent. I hate fighting The Imprisoned because of the "hollow body" thing he has going on. I get trapped inside him because the programmers couldn't devote data or time to making the stupid thing solid. I get trapped and can't see where I'm going and then the land-sharking begins. The other day, I had the game crash on me when Volga insisted upon his stupid cutscene. I've been trying to figure out a way to turn the cutscenes off, but even when I hit "cutscenes off" on my settings, it doesn't quite work. I don't like having to be ready to hit Plus when something is coming up . Yes, Wizzro, I've seen you at least 25 times by now, I know that you are an evil ring.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Another thing I dislike is when you have to defeat a certain amount in 10 minutes but actually you have to beat them in 7 minutes. If the task says within 10 minutes don't give me a B rank when I have 2 minutes left after I finished the task. 10 minutes is 10 minutes, not 7 or less. Then it should be defeat a certain amount of enemies in 7 minutes.

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