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Earliest Memory of Gaming

Playing the original LoZ and being too young to know what it was, i think it was the only NES game i had too so i just kept playing it, never got very far considering i can only remember one thing place, which looking back is actually the beginning


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
First general gaming experience was playing on my sisters' Amstrad, where the games were on casette tapes and it took about half an hour to wait for a game to load. I remember actually sitting in front of that machine the whole time while the game loaded (I can hear the sound of it in my head just as I'm thinking back to those days), watching the screen slowly revealing the picture of the game I was waiting to play. Everything was in green tones, the games were very simplistic, yet I was content to wait that long to play, lol.

First console gaming experience was after my sister and I purchased a NES together (I was still in single-digits, but can't remember my exact age...). For the longest time we only had Super Mario Bros, so we would compete with one another to see which one of us could reach the furthest without losing a life (I'm ashamed to say that my sister actually holds that record, and not me - cause she made it to 6-4, while I only made it to 6-3).


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Dec 16, 2011
I still really like that game as well, I think we still have a copy too. At one point we lost the first one, but later on bought another. In fact, look at what I just found:
View attachment 31346
wow, that brought major memories. Haha, I remember playing that game so long ago with my brothers, even my parents enjoyed it, haha.


Jan 14, 2013
Ente Isla
My first gaming memory is actually my first memory. I was no more than 2 years old when my dad plugged the N64 into the TV and I saw the intro cutscene of the original Mario Party for the first time. Other notable 2-3 yr. memories include watching my dad play OoT and trying to play OoT myself, only to be struck with fear at Withered Deku Babas.

Hey, I was sentitive to music back then. I was scared of the VeggieTales theme song because of the ominous tuba intro and Little Drummer Boy because of the baritone background singers.

If I got past the WDBs, I'd chicken out at the first room inside the Deku Tree. I was a pretty cowardly gamer until I was about 11...

Igos du Ikana

Oct 13, 2012
My earliest memory was way back in 99 when I was 4. I was playing A Link to the Past just before going to school(Pre-K, to be precise). I would try and not wake my parents up so I wouldn't have to go to school so I could play some SNES....I must've been a bad kid XD


poog tnalp yknuhc
Jul 11, 2012
My earliest memory of video games is when my brother and I were playing Mortal Kombat with our Dad. I don't really know what the year was or remember how old I was.

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