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Majora's Mask Doggie and Transformation masks.

Apr 24, 2012
So while reading all these comments saying "Maybe he hasn't seen a Deku Scrub before?" I couldn't help but think, the dog runs around right next to the Business Deku Scrub... I think the dog attacked Deku Link because they wanted you to understand how being a Deku isn't as good as you thought, and it pushed you to find a way to change back into human Link; I for one, when first playing Majora's Mask, thought "Wow, I just stepped into town and I already see a piece of heart up there! This will be easy.'Walks up path, and tries to climb up to platform but can't reach it...' Wow, being a Deku sucks already..." It encourages you to want to get your human form back. As for Zora Link attracting the dog, it makes sense that he would have followers... If fish people enjoy music, why would a dog not like music. Henceforth, why not follow the guitar player from one of the coolest bands ever, Mikau!


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Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
Hmmm well dogs are man's best friends

Deku Shrubs are small and foreign and do not look like people
Gorons are massive scary rock monsters
Zoras are fish men and look the most like normal people.

Maybe that's it?

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