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Do You Have Fans?


Sage of Tales
As for original stuff, well, not really. The main reason why is because no one has actually seen my original stuff. I'm paranoid about the fact that I don't want anyone to steal it and claim it as their own. So yeah... That and plus I haven't really started writing and/or doing anything about it until recently. :xd: (I've been trying to work out the kinks in it.)

Before I made the promotional site, I only shared my original writing with people I trusted a little. As far as "Malarkey and Belinda" goes, I had it the registered with the Library of Congress before creating the site. It's still no pro-published, but at least, with the copyright register, I have grounds for suing anyone who might rip me off. It's an easy process, especialy online, and the fee is small. It's nothin you need to have to have your rights, but it's a good way of securing your rights/establishing proof that something's yours if anyone tries something unseemly on you.

That said, I have the first chapters of an in-progress novel online at Deviant Art without this, but only because I'm really desperate for critique. No one's paying attention to it anyway, even for that, not even my busy online friends, sadly. (Either that or it's so bad no one wants to offend me by saying so even though my comments say I want real critique and to give it both barrels if necessary?)


Needz Moar.... Zelda, NAO
Jul 8, 2009
Well, I had a few fans when I was a gamer.. When I played Halo 3 in a few MLG competitions.. But then I was like.. errr.. going to the Millitary brb... now... my friends and family are my fans. Even though I was injured in the line of duty.. they still honor me at every family gathering..

Now that I'm able to go back to the millitary they are always talking about how great of a guy I am.. it's like I'm the epitome, or however you spell it, of a hometown hero. =]


Born to Fail
Sep 11, 2009
I'm known as the super-Conservative jerk who you shouldn't talk to if you're a liberal. Most people then mock me because I prefer handshakes to highfives, as I try to get people to appriciate things they take for granted. But they missinterpret it into me being a freak. So naturally, everyone wants a Crassus-handsake.

Dragon Tamer

Cold hearted...thing
Oct 23, 2008
Cookie Kingdom
Well, I have fans... at school. I don't know if that counts or not but, my friends are weird. We are fans of each other. So yeah, I have some fans. :)


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
You should be afraid Smitie. VERY AFRAID!:lol:

Fans? Well, I and a couple of my friends made some amateur Comedy Videos, they were a hit at the time, but that was just around school.:P
In the end we decided not to ut those videos on Youtube, which is a shame really!

So in a way, I did have some fans, but mostly just people from school.
Now, i'm just known for my Imaginative Creations, which have become a hit around my school! New fanbase, Here I come!

(Upon reading this thread, i've decided to restart my videos!)

And also there is an arkvoodle fan club, incase you forgot!

I don't think I have any fans, I suppose people like my fan fics. And at school performances I have been mentioned as talented a couple of times but other than that no.


Randomus Pervertus
May 13, 2010
I believe I had.... 2 fans of my fanfics but I can't continue them anymore because nobody reads them <.<

I have a LOT of fans on Zelda marathons for some reason. In the ZE 4 day marathon I was unoffically made the mascot of the feed o_O
Jun 1, 2010
I wouldn't say I had any fans, per-se, but a lot of people have expressed that they like my work and my Skyward Sword box art mockup was featured on LegendZelda.net, even though its not even that good.

@lex MM

The Lurker
Apr 29, 2010
Behind you...
Um...fans? No, I don't think so=P At least, not here or in other Zelda forums. Maybe 4-5 people at Ninty.gr, but I'm not so sure.

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