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Different Temple Types?

Oct 17, 2009
I think that they should have the forest>fire>water themes they've done for most zelda games, and after the plot twist do things like ghosts or desert or ice. however I think they should change the actual dungeons to be real places. I really liked the goron mines and the snowpeak ruins, because they had a history, they weren't just mazes that happened to contain something magic. make the water temple be a sunken ship or flooded town. mabe a "lost city of the sheikiah" style dungeon o.o . keep the old themes, but get creative with them.


Warrior of the Past
Dec 22, 2009
I think that instead of having forest, fire, water again, maybe the first dungeon in a castle. They could also switch up the order a little. Like maybe the next to last dungeon is the fire and then you went back to the castle again with all your new gear and you could go to a completely different wing (this would be a mini-dungeon).

My favorite part of Zelda games is discovering new places and being suprised about the new dungeon (although I do want it to fit into the story).

That would also be cool if they took the 3 elemental dungeons and made a twist where you had to go back and forth from dungeon to dungeon, finally beating all 3 at the same time.

Nye Pendragon

Feb 16, 2010

I would /love/ to see different temples than the ever-so-over-used forest/fire/water. Now, I wouldn't mind seeing these kind of temples; I have a love for water and forest temples myself. Maybe in a different order? In a different sort of place? Like forest could be a marsh or in a garden. Fire could be a canyon or in a wasteland of sorts. And water in a river or in a lagoon. I'd just love to see truely unique temples of these kinds, and some new ones also! Like an open temple with tons of room or a small one that's puzzling like a maze; just give me something new that reminds me how amazing Zelda can be! Hard puzzles, harder bosses and plenty of enemies and not lacking in use of brain power, that's what I'd love to see. ;3


I need my Forest Temple, no matter how generic or predictable it is. D:

There's something captivating to me about nature, so said temple has always been my favorite to explore.

The Goron Mines from Twilight Princess were a nice surprise, as were the Snowpeak Ruins and the Palace of Twilight. But everybody in this thread is right when they say that there needs to be more creativity in the dungeons of Zelda.

I can't recall who suggested it, but an abandoned electric plant sounds like a wonderful idea. Puzzles involving the AC and DC circuits. Maybe Link could earn an item that acts as a switch, so when an incomplete circuit is present, he could simply plug the switch in to the break, and fix the gap. Maybe there could be some sort of gigantic alternating current cord throughout the dungeon, and once all of the switches are closed, the boss door would open. Hey, maybe the boss could be some sort of electrical cord that's been possessed by evil?


The Stone Tower Temple has to be the most innovative and clever dungeons ever in Zelda history, and I would love to see Nintendo derive something from it.

And that's all I have to say on the matter. C:


i never mind that too much at all, but seeing new types of temples would still be interesting though.

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