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Aug 1, 2012
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(I'm sorry if there is a thread similar to this, I couldn't find one but I didn't look that hard :rolleyes:)

Everyone has had a crush on someone sometime in there life, It's just natural. The person you crush on could be real and they could be fictional. But I have only crushed on one fictional character :P

I am really picky when it comes to girls, I think I have only crushed on 5 different people in my life. When I have a crush on someone I can't stop thinking about them, but I don't do anything and the feelings slowly fade away. I think I can get slightly creepy and annoying when I have a crush on someone. But, again I don't do anything because anxiety and fear of rejection. I am really serious about this kind of stuff, but I see my friends having a new crush every week.

So what do you guys do when you have a crush on someone?


Nov 21, 2012
i have had crush many times, But i had crush on my current boyfriend for 2 years. Never stopped thinking about him and always tried to make it seem like he was just a regular guy in my life and not my crush. But it turns out he also liked me, so we were pretending we not have crush on each other for many years until he finally get courage to talk to me, i was very happy :)

so moral of story i guess is dont ever let your crush for a person fade away, always try to talk to them or even tell them that you like the person as soon as possible. :)
Feb 23, 2011
I must admit that I have a crush on Dan...

...but aside from that, I've never experienced that feeling before, and I am looking forward to see what it's like from other peoples' perspective.

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Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
are you sure the propose of this thread isn't about Amber?

Well, I have a crush on so much fictional characters- Kirito, Shadow Link, Ren, Kaito and moar :love:

And... there's this one crush on school. People say he's a play boy. and his friends call him a duck( I'm still holding this angry feeling ). I think I posted about him before, on the "Embarrassed Moment" thread. Among on his "group", he's the nicest to me. I played Saria's Song on the recorder for him and he liked.. it.

When I have a crush, I personally do:

1- If he gets near, try to stalk him for a while (I literally do this).
2- Try to make him the closest guy friend (this is a total success).
3- Try not to laugh when I'm near him (At least it's not a habit for me now.. phew.)
4- Try to make him notice me...

I got lots of more, but, these are just one of em'...


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May 26, 2010
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Excellent thread, PS! You're shining right now :)

I am going to tell you my life story, so I'll put it in spoilers xD

What do I do when I have a crush? Well, in the past when I really loved this girl--she was and is the nicest girl I have ever known--I would talk a lot with a close friend about her. I would only talk to that one friend and no one actually knew I liked her. Well, that carried on well into ninth grade when I learned that my very close friend was actually dating the same girl I liked. I felt incredibly jealous--you wouldn't believe how envious I was if you think I'm a decent person on DGN forums--and I took it upon myself to reveal a secret to her that only she and my friend knew. They broke up and believe it or not, I was cynically HAPPY that they did. I felt not an ounce of remorse, which as you can deduce, was due to my having a crush on the girl. That threw my friend into a spiral of depression, and when I noticed his depression I did begin to feel bad...but not really GUILTY. Time went on and he healed...but I sighted something entirely different about his attitude. He began to ignore the girl and even say very nasty things about her. Keep in mind this girl hasn't really done anything nasty to him, and she never ever curses or really does mean things in general. I let him continue doing what he did, then I realized that, despite it being to my chagrin, I would have to get the two back together, someway and somehow.

Of course, things didn't go as planned. Come tenth grade, the girl comes back to my school (I prodded her to come back instead of going to Trinity; I really only wanted her back because I loved her), and my friend somehow hatched a plan to openly hurt her feelings by sitting with another girl and completely ignoring her. I don't know how this happened, but I also got into the whole ignoring her thing for a day. It hurt me inside a lot, but a feeling of the worst emotion--joy--somehow entered my body while I was ignoring her. How is that possible, to ignore the girl you love and get a kick out of it? IDK how but it just did. That night, I got a text from her asking if I hated her. Man, I felt TERRIBLE answering those texts as I said something along the lines of "No, I love you!" coupled with some lies to make her feel better.

So more time went on and I started sitting by the girl, we never touched but I felt great sitting by her because I know--she told me this--that my presence made her feel great. Finally the end of the school year comes, the last day of school and guess what? I sit in a corner and start crying. The girl I had loved for four freaking years and never really told her (the whole "I love you" thing was a brother to sister kind of ILU) came by and GAVE ME A HUG. It lasted like five seconds, but those five seconds were the best I've had in a long time. She told me these words "It'll be okay!", just like a sister would. To be honest I never ever wanted to let go of her, I wanted to hold onto her forever and ever and ever. She left the school and I've been somewhat heartbroken, but I don't have a crush on her anymore. I still love her despite her going to homeschool and getting her stuff done quicker than I am, but the thing is that I'm not afraid. I now don't care if she rejects me--she did reject me over the summer which I actually expected--because I'm not looking for a relationship. I'm content with being one of her best friends, and of course her older brother.

So there you have it. What I do when I have a crush is go through an elaborate scheme to evade actually telling the girl, then lose my chance on the very last day of school. If anything, I warn you to not be like me; take your chances whenever you get them. Talk to your crush and just let it roll from there. :)


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Aug 13, 2011
I think, the only crush I have is probably Linebeck... Idk why but for some reason I love his personality (what there is of it) and come on, he has a boat for cripe-sakes. Who wouldn't want to explore the ocean with the man you love? But then there's Jolene... hrmmm... idk I love Linebeck anyway~

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Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
I don't think I've had a legitimate crush in a while. The last one I had on somebody ended rather badly because he was popular and everybody liked him and I was essentially nothing, and when I finally built up enough courage to tell him and talk to him, he broadcasted it across the entire school and humiliated me in front of our entire grade. I'd liked him for a while, because he was one of the only people at my school who actually wasn't a jerk like most of the other guys (who always made fun of me.) He also happened to have his locker right beside mine, so we'd usually talk for a bit sometimes. He never really seemed to like me, so I started doing stupid stuff like trying to wear prettier clothes, putting on makeup which normally I wouldn't touch with 1000 foot pole, trying (and failing) to become friends with the more popular girls he was friends with. Only after did I figure out that was probably the stupidest thing to have done, and so I quit all that and started acting like myself again. Obviously, this is real life and not a romantic comedy, so he didn't fall in love with my "true self" (which is what I was hoping for, gosh,younger self, you were so stupid.) and there was a lot of meaningless drama and nobody would ever leave me alone about it.
So, yeah. There've been a few people who've caught my eye the past two years or so but I never really liked any of them.
And (surprise, surprise) I actually don't really have any crushes on fictional characters. Actors, yes, but characters themselves, no. I get really emotionally attached to them and I still love them to bits, just not in a romantic way.
The word "crush" was a slang term that started picking up in the 1920s and is pretty much synonymous to "infatuation". Let's double check that definition, shall we?

definition of infatuation said:
An intense but short-lived attraction to someone or something.

Have I ever had a crush? Well, sure. But it wasn't necessarily romantic. I was seven years old. It was a cute little obsession I had with this particular character from the show, Hamtaro. One of the antagonists in that series--notably of the Christmas episode and of the Gameboy Advance game, Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak--the devil-hamster, Spat. I thought he was really, really awesome. Nothing more to it than that. Haha...

Here's a sprite of him from Ham-Ham Heartbreak:


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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
Well, better poor my feels into this thread.

When I was a lot younger, around the time of 3rd grade, a fell into a relationship due to peer pressure. I was new to the school, so I naturally went with what was "cool" at the time. Well, this got me into a LOT of trouble. A couple of my "friends" forced me to give this guy a kiss on the cheek. The teachers and administration team didn't really like that, not one bit. Because of that incident, I've been very very isolated from opening my heart to others, even my family. Sure, there I times when I think guys are hot and cute, but it's not like I love them. But, there is this one guy that, whenever the subject of who would make the best couple comes up, my friends pair me with him. I always yell at them like it's a bad thing, but I actually really like him. o////////////////o

I think I'll just stick to Attigamy.


Dec 22, 2011
with Pit and link
Hhahahahhaha....well...I like this dude for about a year now and he just finished HSC...soo...
in the beginning of this year he asked me who i liked but i didn't want to say...because I was afraid of the truth. But now...I think I would have to tell him...but I DONNNNOOOO TT^TT

Besides that...I like lots of game characters (PIT) anime guys and celebrities XD


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Jul 12, 2011
Spaceball 1
Celeb crushes are awesome. Emma Watson, Evanna lynch, Selena Gomez. I'd plow their fields. And game characters......Malon
Jun 8, 2011
What do i do when i have a crush? I don't tell to anyboy because when i was younger i woud tell my friends and they would tell to the girl that i love her (they wouldn't keep their mouths shut!) and in the end she would avoid me or make fun of me. This happened several times, that's why i keep it for myself now.
Otherwise i creep a little (i just look at her), and don't speak when she is around because i'm too embarrassed to talk. :sweat:

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