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Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

Feb 23, 2011
Before a mod posts..? Aren't Knights not mods?

3 or 73.

Hey guys. It's me again, with another game that will probably have only about ten replies before vanishing completely!!! (EDIT: ZOMG!!! over 4k replies!!! Thanks so much people!!! And what'd I tell ya. It's fun with lots of people)

So, the game is simple. Everyone playing has to count to 100 before a moderator or me (since I set up the game) posts. You don't really get anything except the satisfaction of having done it, but that's why the forum games are here, right?

So, I'm gonna lay down some ground rules for the game. They're easy to follow, trust me.

1. Count by 1's. We're not skipping numbers. At all. Period.
2. Only one post at a time. If someone hasn't posted in an hour, then you can post again, but ONLY IF NO ONE ELSE HAS POSTED IN AN HOUR!!! The game would be no fun if someone went "1" then "2" then "3" and it was only one person posting everything all at once.
3. If you post, you must put a number. Then, you can feel free to chat.
4. If the mods or I post, the count starts completely over. And by mods, I mean anyone with the Forum Moderator badge, ZD Staff badge, or Hylian Knight Badge. Yes, they count too. Article Writers have been removed. In the less-than-a-day period they have had the priviliges, I have received more negative feedback than positive.
5. If two people post the same number (which means they likely did it at the same time), the second person can't edit the post. Nor can he post again within the hour. The next person has to make the next count. It would look like this:
UserA: 1
UserB: 1
UserA: 2
6. If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me. If someone feels like ruining everyone else's counting, they can PM me (or another mod) and ask them to post.
7. Sarianae brings up a good point. Regular members do get an override. Staff, Knights, and mods, wait until they reach 10 at least.

If you have any ideas on a better override, please PM me. I'm trying to get as many people playing as possible.

Anyone feel like counting? Trust me when I say, it's much more fun if more people play, and more mods pay attention and post. Enjoy yourselves!

Oh, and people, pay attention to the bolded, underlined, and italicised Rule #4 part. No one seems to be remembering that I, too, can make you start over.

Let the counting begin!

Now, tell me I'm pretty... :right:

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