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Classes in Zelda?


Apr 22, 2011
Hai ther! :>

I got this idea when posting in this thread Skill tree in zelda. So I was wondering would it work (I personally think it would, hehe) if the series made a little change in the next installment where we can choose Link's class at the start of the game, so we can choose our play style a little more in depth. Sure we can still defeat enemies with the Bow & Arrow or by just using Din's Fire all the time. But the main way to play is still sword & shield, Can't kill bosses without it and to me it's gotten quite boring. :tired:

So I'd like to have some more choice in the next game where we can customize our combat style a little more, If I choose to become an archer then I'll get the Master Bow & Arrows (lol) which I'll be using for the most part. Maybe I want to defeat enemies by using magic, so I get the Master Wand (sounds stupid but it would be awesome) and I can use magic spells to fight my way through the story for the most part instead? :cool:

I know it sounds silly but to me a small thing like this could really improve the experience for most of us I'm sure, even the replay value of the game. I'd definitely want to try out every class of the game, Even the old classic sword & shield combat. So what do you guys think, Have you played games like these before, did you like it or not, do you think it might work in LoZ?

I'll post mah full opinion once a few people answe :> :yes:


i luv u
Dec 17, 2011
Sounds like Elder Scrolls to me. That's not a bad thing, though. I love Skyrim because of how much it feels like a large-scale Zelda game as far as adventuring goes. I'm not sure that the series would benefit from such a system, but I'm sure it would be a lot of fun! It'd no doubt boost the game's replay value. I think something like this would have been great years ago, but implemented mow, it'd feel like simply hopping on the bandwagon. Nintendo would need to add something new and unique to the mix, but I don't think that'd be hard for them to do at all.... they're Nintendo! ^_^

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