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Jul 7, 2021
@Hapi These are all the olive branches you ignored, where I was trying to get on the same page as you and others, and create fruitful discussion. This was all AFTER you elim'd a corpse. I tried to listen to you and get on the same page, but you made it stupidly hard to work with you.
Raven is hardvouching for Rag and Rag is hardvouching for Raven, so unless they're both scum, they're probably both town.

Can you elaborate on why you think Minish is not scum? It seems like you aren't certain and the PoE is pretty small at this point.
Can you try to say why someone else should think minish is town rather than relying on information we don't know?

Right now the only thing I can make of your case is that Minish asked for a bartender to target them... which like on a superficial level could be a good thing... but considering that Minish is clearly a main suspect, asking for a bartender could easily be an attempt to buy another day (bartenders take two days to confirm an investigative), and it is not a foolproof clear, so scum!Minish could use it to wiggle out the second day (scum could have an invest that looks townie, or maybe scum!Minish has no investigative role, and when no one claims the result, they just say "oh, well scum must've gotten it, and are hoping I'll get elim'd by keeping quiet"), so this really doesn't do it for me.

Is there anything outside of this point that I can actually think through myself without relying on information not available to me?
Looks in in CM 4 they only killed people, CM 5 bartenders kill people and randomize their target.

If this affects factional actions, then that could be a good look for Minish, but it might not. Also, maybe Minish just doesn't care who they NK, so they're okay being randomized, or they're immune to being drunk or something (which would explain why they know there is a bartender). I think the case here for Minish is weak.
Why would any of those things be true? LIke are these just wild guesses, or is there some reason to assume any of this is how it works?
I don't really think what you and Fext did was necessarily anti-teamed (probably anti-teamed, but not as strong as I'd like it to be), whereas I know Alana very well and her/KoD is very anti-teamed from both directions, and it really feels like Fext was trying to pocket Alana, so I think Alana is spewed by both dead scum. Alana almost never votes her scummates, and she was one of the original people to push on KoD, which wouldn't clear most people, but does clear Alana. Also, Alana is hitting all her town notes; her paranoia in thread and the way she is getting frustrated (she can sometimes fake the frustration, but not super well). I theoretically could be wrong, but I don't think I've ever been confident Alana was town when she wasn't (sometimes I tunnel her when she is town, but I don't think I've ever incorrectly towncored her), so I'm willing to clear her based on that.

Unfortunately, we no longer have enough space in our PoE for three people, so if I remove Minish, that leaves me with the PoE of {you, DW}. Alana I put a far cry above either of you at this point.
See... thing is Minish has spent a ton of time complaining about how they are being suspected, and they want town points for giving some basic setup spec (sorry, not sorry. Anyone can talk setup, town or mafia. Offering information that multiple other people are probably privy to [mafia are unbuckable for example] is... what did they call it ? CWAC? Yeah. So sorry, that gives minish like 0.01 town point in my eyes. It isn't bad to do, but isn't going to swing the needle in any game).

But you know what I can't recall ANY of coming from Minish? Solving. Can anyone name ONE READ that Minish has given all game? They probably gave some early D1, but since then? I haven't seen any. It's all been setup spec, and cryptic clues that might make sense post-game but don't now ("I'm unbuckable and won't die from drinks" Unbuckable - mafia, don't die from drinks? NAI? No town points). Furthermore, from what I can tell, they aren't even trying to fully do setup spec. There have been multiple times where Minish seems to understand something about Hapi that I don't, but Minish isn't explaining those things (which idk maybe they can't, but it isn't their role, so idk why they couldn't).

So, the ONLY townie things I am seeing from Minish are setup spec, which anyone can do regardless of alignment. No solving. Like ZERO solving. Minish, THIS is why you aren't townie, at least in my mind. This and these AtEs which ring hollow.
Also, I'd like to engage with Hapi to get some solving back into this game

@Hapi can we do an exercise? You seem to think Minish is town and suspect Alana. I seem to think Alana is town and suspect Minish. Let's see where we're at if we look past this (anyone can participate, but only Hapi seems to be hard-set on Minish town, so I am most curious to see how the world looks from her eyes). Let's assume we both just got a PM from Storm saying Minish and Alana are town. What is next?

DW or you are my first inclination, but I am slightly wary of Raven/Rag since Minish mentioned there could be a second scum team, but if I followed correctly, they're cleared off buck stuff, so that doesn't seem a super fruitful way to push. Thoughts?
Does anyone disagree that Minish has done almost no solving all game? If there are contrary opinions, I'd like to know to see if we can resolve our views.
I'm not asking you to ACTUALLY go after someone else. I'm asking you IF you just found out that without a doubt Alana was town, where would your head be at for the next elim?
:right: There is no solving in that post? Unless you're talking about mech stuff.I'm talking about reads/social solving. Depth of thought on "who is scum" that is extremely hard for scum to fake. Not "oh, I figured out this mech puzzle!" that scum and town are both incentised equally to solve (and actually scum usually has an EASIER time with since they have access to 3 people's information rather than just one)
Jul 7, 2021
...what if day in fact started but without there being a kill?
This is slightly OGI, but probably worth noting. I contacted Storm on Discord and he said he was delayed by some family stuff, so I think he just needs some time.


cotton candy
May 31, 2022
...I just cabt tell the difference between mech stuff for inconsistent phase times and IRL reasons anymore


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Sep 10, 2011

as everyone awakes, Minish is nowhere to be found, Just Seanzie, dead on the ground holding a Dancing Toaster, and this metal box with a handle on it

Day Three Begins





Day Three Begins. Day Three ends Saturday June 18th at 6pm, or earlier if someone is Hammered...in game I mean. dont get Drunk and claim the day ended, alright?

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