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Central Heating off or on at every occasion?


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Jan 31, 2010
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With the winters being less cold than it used to be (at least here it is) I don't use the central heating that much anymore. My sister is the opposite and turns on the central heating at every occasion she gets. Heck even in late August! I'm the complete opposite. I just wear some extra sweaters and wrap a blanket around me to stay warm. Anybody from Anctarctica here or are you from the desert?
We don't bother with heating much. I personally just get cozy with extra layers if I need to.

I do worry about my rats in winter though so i may knock the heating on for a little bit just so i know they're okay.
Aug 30, 2018
In summer off. In winter must be on otherwise plumbing would freeze, and me too. Right now it’s -16 celcius. Blanket wouldn’t suffice


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
I have three main heat sources in my apartment, the freestanding oven in my livingroom, the floor heating in the loo, and a wall-mounted heater in the bathroom.

Because my bathroom is enclosed by rooms on all sides, I don't always have heating on in that room to save on electricity, and it's always off in the warmer half of the year. The floor heating in the loo is on during the colder months and off in the warmer months. The livingroom heater is adjusted depending on the outside temperature and I turn it off once the outdoor temperature is more consistently bearable, which usually means sometime in April or May depending on the year. I don't have any heating on in the kitchen, but it naturally gets heated when we cook food, plus there's only a thick curtain separating it from the livingroom so it doesn't get too cold overall.

My two tenants have heaters for their room that they use how they want, but I don't have one in my own bedroom, because there really isn't a need, not even during the coldest part of winter.

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