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BOTW Monster Appreciation Thread


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Aug 25, 2016

Minor spoilers may be found ahead.

So, how about them Lynels aye?

They're pretty much the toughest bosses of the game, id venture that to most people they're actually tougher then the final boss. But I like that you get to take up their weapons & shield afterwards, and they're a pretty good source of farming star fragments if you have the know-how and the patience.

10/10 enemy Nintendo.
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Jun 7, 2016
I'm not even sure anymore.
I think that they should overthrow Ganon, they are way harder to kill, especially the silver ones. Anyway, who wouldn't want a zebra man lion as a ruler?


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Jul 13, 2009
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I like that the monsters in BotW don't explicitly serve Ganon. Their widespread appearances throughout Hyrule could be linked to him (as implied) but they themselves seem to act on their own agenda and I really love that. Their hostility toward people I sort of see more as either a territorial thing (especially with lynels, and the fact that they're never in groups in BotW like they had been in LoZ and ALttP, does make them seem highly territorial), they just have an instinct to kill things (namely lizalfoses), or they are opportunistic and fiendishly attack whatever they can (moblins & bokoblins). Call me Kilton, because I love all the monsters in this game. except chuchus they piss me off

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