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Bikes or Cars? Which do you prefer?

Oct 26, 2008
The only adv. I can think about cars is that it holds more ppl.
Cars have multiple advantages over bikes. Safety is the bigest one, even if you're a perfect rider. It's easier to be injured/killed by another road user or unpredictable danger such as animals or objects. For every day use, the majority of cars have superior capacity for passengers and storage. I'd also suspect that cars are better for a larger variety of weather conditions for both comfort and practicality.


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I would never ride a bike on the road, they just seem like death traps to me. Basically if you get into an accident and you're on a bike then you're probably not going to come out of it very well if at all.

Cars are safer (for people inside them anyway), can carry more things, and can hold more people so for me it is an easy choice and well worth the extra cost compared to a bike.

All that being said, my own car has not been registered since 2018 before I moved to Japan. Since being back I haven't bothered to put it back on the road since I just take public transport to work and university and there hasn't been a lot of other stuff to do with the whole pandemic situation going on.

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