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Twilight Princess Ball and Chain: Too Good?


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It was useful against Freezards and Chilfos but it had a slow reaction time such as sometimes you had to aim and then the enemies would just freeze you or hit you


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Jan 9, 2008
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I didn't find the Ball and Chain to be all that useful actually. It was cool and all, but outside Snowpeak I didn't really use it. With all of the different swordsman's skills you learned throughout the game, I really saw no point in needing to carry around a large, bulky metal ball to swing over my head and hope nothing managed to hit me while doing it. :)


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Nov 29, 2010
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I never actually found it to be a reasonable replacement for bombs as far as breaking walls and structures goes. Only for that rare occasion when there is an obstacle that bombs cannot destroy. Much like the spinner and the dominion rod I only used it when I had to and after I left the dungeon it was found in I never gave it another thought. It was worthless as a weapon, normally leaving me open to attack and having a less that useful aim. There so few walls that it could be used on outside of the Snowpeak Ruins that it only seemed to take up space in the inventory.

I always thought that the ball and chain would have an amazing amount of utility if it was not just a gimmick for destroying walls. If it was shrunk down a little bit and the weight reduced so that it could be held as a normal ordinary weapon then it would have an amazing amount of use. I was thinking that it would replace the sword and shield combination and be the only item in Link's hands for extra amounts of damage at the expense of defense, much like the Biggoron Sword of OoT. I think it would make a perfect weapon to bring against the harder enemies that use shields like Darknuts and Stalfos. Just switching around the weapons like that would cause the player to have to shift their strategy since the perfect shield defense would be gone.


Jul 15, 2009
I definitely didn't think it was too good, but I personally actually found it pretty useful, beyond just destroying ice and walls and stuff. True that it can be awkward to handle around chilfos, since they're pretty quick, but it's still a better alternative than trying to hack at them with your sword. For me though, it's moment of glory came in the Cave of Ordeals, when fighting Redeads, because it meant I didn't even have to get close to them and yet I could wipe the room clean of them in a minute or so. I suppose I can see what you mean about it being overpowered... but the fact that it was kinda cumbersome did help balance it.

Objectively though, I guess it was a bit of a throwaway item to most (a bit like the Dominion Rod). I do agree with Djinn, they did waste it's potential a little bit... although maybe they realised it could end up overpowered if it was say, reduced in size and a little bit faster, and that was their attempt to stop it being? I don't know.

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