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Animal Crossing New Leaf - Trading Thread


Nyanko Sensei
Oct 18, 2007
The Netherlands
Lately i'm seeing alot of ZD members visiting my town and getting swapnote messages of what they want in the game. In this case i think a thread would be more handy then swapnote. Requesting to sticky this thread.

How does this thread work?
1. Type down your Mayor name, Town name, the stuff you want and the stuff that you can offer. (optional: type down your town rules)
2. If you see something you want or something you have to offer, please PM the person to prevent forum clutter.
3. If you want to update your list, edit your post instead of making a new post.

We already have a list of 3DS Friend Codes in this thread. Or you can check the profile page of a member. Just copy and paste it within your PM just to make things easier.


Mayor Name - Oni
Town Name - SixFlagz

Town rules
- Please do not pick up perfect fruit from trees
- Please do not pick up or destroy the flowers
- Please do not chop down trees
- Please close the holes after digging

Axes (need alot of them)
Bells (price depending on the value of the item)

Cabana Furniture
Cabin Furniture
Ranch Furniture
Japanese related Furniture (katana's, bonsai's ect...)

Link's "Hero's Cap" - Nintendo item
Link's "Hero's Pants" - Nintendo item
Link's "Hero's Boots" - Nintendo item

Furniture or clothing i might have in your list
All kinds of native fruit
Bells (price depending on the value of the item)

Arwing - Nintendo item (only willing to trade it for the Nintendo item i want)
Mario Kart - Nintendo item (only willing to trade it for the Nintendo item i want)
1-UP Mushoom - Nintendo item
Super Mushroom - Nintendo item
Starman - Nintendo item
Coin - Nintendo item
Green Shell - Nintendo item
Triple Red Shell - Nintendo item
Pipe - Nintendo item
Virtual Boy - Nintendo Item
Wii Balance Board - Nintendo Item
Red Pikmin Hat - Nintendo item
Blue Pikmin Hat - Nintendo item
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