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A Link To The Past: Your Experiences.


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Apr 5, 2011
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Hello everyone. Today I'm going to talk about ALTTP, or what I'm actually hoping for is foryou to talk about ALTTP. I haven't played the game myself and have no possible way to play it so I would like to know about your experiences with the game. What you did and didn't like, the parts you found easiest or hardest. You can reply to this and I hope you will discuss this topic with each other, as I have no experience myself. Thanks.
Apr 10, 2010
A Link to the Past is a must-play game and the best game in the series imo. It holds up really well after all of these years. If you are a fan of Zelda, then you should definitely play it. Many elements from modern Zelda games originated in A Link to the Past. It's the definition of what a Zelda game should be.

The thing I love most about this game is its attention to detail with everything. There's something to do in every inch of the game and a ton of secrets to be discovered. The gameplay is great. With each new upgrade and item that you get it just gets more and more fun. There is also a great variety of enemies, which are fun to defeat. The dungeon design is great and challenging. The music is the best of its era. The Dark World / Light World system.

It's hard to think of many cons with the game, but there are some I can think of: Some of the items aren't used much, or aren't required in many places. The music is the same in every dungeon, unlike games that came after ALttP. Also, the story is on the weaker side in my opinion and kinda hard to follow. Another problem with the game is rupees: they are too easy to get and there is not enough to spend them on. You will reach 999 real fast and stay there for most of the game.

A lot of people who first played the newer Zelda titles seem to find A Link to the Past difficult, which is not surprising to me because videogames in general have gotten easier with each generation. But it's not as bad as the NES games and is definitely beatable.


Jun 22, 2011
I agree with pretty much everything illmatic said. I definitely think A Link to the Past is the prototypical Zelda and also the best one. The same can be said for Ocarina of Time but OOT is just a simplified version of ALTTP in 3d IMO. If you complain about the difficulty in modern Zeldas than ALTTP is the game for you. The dungeons are true labyrinths in many cases and despite the size of some of the dungeons there is never wasted space. ALTTP is the first game in the series to really take puzzle solving somewhat seriously and as a result the dungeons can be really challenging.

This game is the one of the few games in the series that seems more for hardcore fans than casual fans. What I mean is that the game is fairly challenging all the way through, and there isn't any tutorial as is the norm in the modern games. You gain control of Link and immediately set out to the first dungeon (technically this one may be considered a mini-dungeon).

My favorite aspect of the game in contrast to the modern games of the series is the extreme amount of nonlinear progression that is possible. Once you get to the "middle" of the game you start your true adventure, and you are basically set free after completing the first dungeon in this part of the game. You then have tons of freedom to tackle the dungeons in many different orders, and the order you choose to do them in can benefit you in the long run. For instance I actually was playing through the game yesterday and today and went through the dungeons in the order 1, 4, 3, 6, 5, 2, 7. Doing the 4th dungeon early gives you the opportunity to upgrade your sword sooner and doing the 6th before the 5th lets you solve a puzzle in a much faster way. The dungeons themselves have tons of freedom as well and some have multiple paths through them. For instance most people would play through the game thinking that you need the item from the 2nd dungeon to complete the 5th and 6th dungeons but there are other ways to get through them.


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Nov 4, 2011
Canada EH
lets just say this is the zelda game in which i died the most on my 1st run ever....*cough* 123 times *cough*

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