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  1. Meissan

    Avatar i did for someones

    Hello, I present to you some avatars I made for some friends. i hope they are enjoy you :^^:
  2. Tingle Believer

    Neither Link Nor Zelda Will Be the Main Playable Character in BOTW2

    Most people think BOTW2 is going to have either some element of co-op, or at the very least two playable characters (Link and Zelda), but I believe neither of them will be playable. You see, I have cracked Nintendo's secret code! Let me explain: BOTW2 is likely to be released in 2021 2021 is...
  3. twilitfalchion

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    This is meant to be a fun discussion thread about unpopular opinions you may have about the Zelda series. For example, I don’t love Ocarina of Time as much as most and I think that almost every Zelda title that succeeded it is a better game in most ways. I think that the gameplay and story are...
  4. Bailoo

    Interesting theory about before SS

    Just curious: In Skyward sword, a Tingle doll is in Zelda’s room in Skyloft’s Knight Academy, yet we neither see or hear of Tingle at all. Now don't get all crazy and stuff, It's just a random thought, but could this mean that Skyword Sword shouldn't be the first game on the timeline? I mean...
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