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the legend of zelda

  1. TGTelescope


    It has been a while since the timeline was first released, but I keep hearing arguments about which timeline is 'right'. I plan to fix this with a timeline I see as right as its ONE TIMELINE NOT 3. Here it is. If you need clarification don't be afraid to ask I'll explain everything but it should...
  2. P

    Are Zelda 3D games getting worse?

    I think since SS, Nintendo seems to have been getting weaker with 3D Zelda games. I haven't played HW yet, but the concept of it seems weak because you're just fighting a bunch of bad guys. SS was a horrible game in regards to its story and Link and Zelda and they seem a bit too sassy this time...
  3. P

    A few questions about Twilight Princess.

    When I try to transform into a wolf or to a human, this little girl who talks like she got water in her mouth tells me that I can't transform, saying stuff like "It would cause more of an uproar to transform into a human", "If you transform here, it would scare someone", "No, no, somebody will...
  4. P

    Do you think Skyward Sword should have had more comedy?

    I think that Skyward Sword should've had more comedy, it had way too much crying and teen drama in it and it should've had maybe a few crying scenes and less teen drama. Even Zelda wasn't a funny character to me, she seemed to be part of the drama more than the comedy. Skyward Sword, to me...
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