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  1. GoronGainz

    How do you feel about Mobile games?

    Love em', hate em', indifferent?
  2. Jimmu

    How’s Your Tech Upgrade Cycle?

    How often to you upgrade your phones, computers, tablets, etc? (Purchase a newer version, not upgrade software) I generally keep each phone for three or four years before upgrading to a new one. I find it to be an excessive waste of money to upgrade every year. I used to purchase two year...
  3. Jimmu

    How Often Do You Backup Your Devices?

    How often do you backup the data on your phones, computers, or other devices? I generally back up my phone and my laptop once a week at the least. I've never had to use it so far but it is nice to have the piece of mind that I have a second copy if I'll need it.
  4. Jimmu

    Calling or Texting?

    Do you still use often your mobile phone to make calls and/or send text messages? Perhaps rather than traditional calls and text you use other services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, LINE, etc. In any case, do you rather call with voice or send text-based communications? I...
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