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minish cap

  1. AerialLink

    My newest addition

    Heyo, fairly new here but I come to where zelda stuff is happening but to also share my newest addition to my growing library of Zelda games that has enlightened my existance for over 20 years smh. Lately, I have gotten my hands on a Gameboy Advance SP; Giving the fact that I never had one...
  2. Mima_sama

    Mima draws things

    I finished this drawing today (9/30/22). I wanted to make my own avatar, but wound up with a pretty nice piece in general. I guess I'll post in this thread whenever I have something new to share.
  3. B

    I Need Help Finding This!

    Alrighty, so I have been scouring trying to find this ad I saw for sale, and I have not been able to find ANYTHING. I already spoke with the seller, and he said he's not sure where he got it but that he knows its from a Nintendo Power issue. Can anybody tell me by looking at the attached image...
  4. Jimmu

    Minish Cap 3D?

    Obviously Nintendo love their re-releases and remakes, so it is probably inevitable that we will see more in the not too distant future. Would you like to see the Minish Cap remade in 3D, perhaps using the engine and style of the Link's Awakening remake? Maybe a sequel instead? While I think...
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