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Minish Cap 3D?


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Obviously Nintendo love their re-releases and remakes, so it is probably inevitable that we will see more in the not too distant future.

Would you like to see the Minish Cap remade in 3D, perhaps using the engine and style of the Link's Awakening remake? Maybe a sequel instead?

While I think new games are always preferable, I do quite like the Minish Cap and think the world would look cute in a 3D style. So I would surely buy a remake if they were to release it, though hopefully they'd at least add in some new stuff too to keep it interesting if it were to be short of actually being a sequel.


The Destructive One
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Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
I'd buy a remake, yes.
But I don't think the LA Remake style fits Minish Cap. It works for the somewhat older games, where Link didn't have much of an expression, but I think a new style for MC would work better with how the game is. It has much more story to it, with characters and cutscenes, and having that cute toy-like style would make the serious moments feel less serious.
I don't like the Minish Cap so I wouldn't like to see a remake. 2D games don't translate well into fully 3D games, but a remake still top down with 3D models like LA would obviously work.

I thought LA's artstyle ruined the core concept of the game and robbed it ofbthe soul it used to have and made everything surface level.
On the flip side I actually quite like MC's style, it's my favourite thing about it, so it'd be a shame to see it lost in a modern remake.

But overall, I wouldn't like MC to come back around.


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
I love MC to death but I don't know if it necessarily needs a remake. I think the game is just as awesome to play now as it was then and the visuals are still solid. If Nintendo were to bring it back though, I don't want to see LA remake style used on it. I'd like it to maintain the "cat eye toon link" aesthetic and keep it 2D. Just enhance the visuals and animation.


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Minish Cap was a very forgettable title, so it wouldn’t be my number one choice for a remake. That being said I’d still buy it.

As for the artstyle, I’d rather they didn’t go with the LA remake aesthetic. It worked so well in LA because of the tone of the game, the toy style reflected the surreal nature of the game. MC doesn’t have that. If we’re being honest I’m not sure how they could translate MC in a way that makes sense. I guess they could make it look like the DS games (just with better models).


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
it'd take a sequel any day over more remakes of things, but if minish cap were remade, I'd at least hope they would address some the weird design issues the game had

also minish cap is the last sprite based zelda game they made, and in my opinion, it'd be kind of a shame to take that away in favor of a 3d overhead view like in link b/w worlds or the link's awakening remake, but that's probably what most people want so oh well

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