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  1. GrooseIsLoose

    What if Groose met a Kikwi?

    I'm curious how the interaction would be :kikwi: . Which reminds me I have another question. What's the timeline of these events? Groose traveling to surface Link bringing a Kikwi for Owlan. Which happened first? If it was what I assumed, Groose would've been surprised seeing a Kikwi.
  2. P

    Should Skyward Sword Zelda should've not been a damsel in distress?

    Skyward Sword Zelda was like a damsel-in-distress Mary Sue in the game, she didn't help Link very much, she wasn't a partner and I don't like her due to her being a damsel in distress NPC. I think if she would've been a kind of a partner to Link like Groose and help him save the world, it...
  3. P

    Spoiler Skyward Sword has too much crying in it

    Another thing that disappointed me about SS is how much emotion it has. The game is full of drama and emotion and I don't think that that's normal in a Zelda game. Zelda games, like most other kids games would usually have a few crying scenes in them, like 1-3. But this game has way too much...
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