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  1. Sir Cornfox

    What would it take for BotW 2 to become your new favorite/least favorite Zelda game?

    When I first played Breath of the Wild, I didn't know too much about the blood moon. So when it first triggered in my play through, I was in Kakariko Village. As the music got eerie, the sky turned red, and malice floated around, I was trying to figure out what was going on. At this point I had...
  2. Sir Cornfox

    Graphics Glitch in Lost woods - LTTP

    The Thief that's normally in the lost woods changes into this weird model of a Hinox after the mushroom glitch.
  3. Sir Cornfox

    Graphics Glitch in Lost woods - LTTP

    I am VERY sorry for my lack of attention to this thread! I've been busy with moving so I haven't gotten much of a chance to go down the rabbit hole with this glitch. But I am currently editing a video showcasing what else this glitch effects. As far as I know, the mushroom is the only item that...
  4. Sir Cornfox

    Graphics Glitch in Lost woods - LTTP

    Found this during my Zelda timeline play through. I was making my way through Skull woods when I warped myself on top of the mushroom in the light world. I noticed the thief also was affected by this glitch too! Anyone else get some of these glitches through that game?
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