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  • Then just try different kinds. I can recommend several kinds of books. Then you pick the ones you like best and that's what you like.

    Okay, I might just do that. My Internet is acting up, so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to, though.

    If you're sure. I can give you my brother's if you'd rather. He doesn't mind, and he never uses it anyways.
    I have no idea.
    Well, what are you interested in? I don't know many futuristic books, I prefer sci-fi medieval stuff.
    I hope so.

    Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. I could have given you my log in, if you wanted. I don't mind.
    Yup! I loved them!

    Have you read my Stari story? I have another story I'm working on too. I can get you the link you want to try it.
    I like that third one best. Though I need to get that second one copied down, I think my cousin would like it.
    Yeah I was tempted myself to do that...dunno why I held back a lot. I think it just felt really weird being the only person left in there. :silent:

    I didn't know either, just saw it~ =) Sorry I reply late sometimes, I have a bad tendency with that....-.-
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