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Waker of winds
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  • So, you like The Wind Waker, I'm assuming. And if you like Phantom Hourglass, check out my awsome sig I drew by hand. Wanna be friends???
    Yeah. I finished FMA. I just have the movie to watch. :3 Then I'll start FMA Brotherhood. =3

    I'll have to post in that thread sometime. =P
    Things have been pretty good for me, especially with the summer finally here. It seemed to take forever to get here. Oh, and my post count still isn't very high. XD

    How about you, were you looking forward to the summer?
    I've watched all of Lucky Star. It's not the best I've ever seen, but it can be really cute and funny at times.
    Hey, yeah, it's been a long time since we haven't talked each other. I miss the SB so much. :(

    Good, as always. Lots of exams this time around at school, but apart from that, everything is fine. :)

    What about you?
    I see. Well, I tend to think of him as a sort of comic relief, in MM anyway. Alas I haven't played any of the other games that feature him, but I definitely thought he was hilarious in MM.
    Ah, my thanks. Nice to meet you. dumb180 at your service. Tingle is pretty great.
    Oh then its ok but maybe if you do join you can be Waker Of Winds1!
    If You Join Ark's Website You Cant Use Your User Name Here Because I Took It This Was Before I Saw You Around The Forums Here Sorry.
    Waker Im...Im Sorry.................................................:(
    *slaps self* Waker?! I've known you for ages now!
    I can't belive that I didn't invite you to the intellectuals sooner!
    Well, you've been invited!
    Hi Waker Of Winds I just wanted to say Hi!!!I need 50 charicters.
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