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    Spoiler Ganon Between ALttP/OoX and LoZ

    It's funny. I was just thinking about this last night and was going to make a similar topic but this time I came up with a solution that I think hopefully will answer your question and it may or may not work, I'll let you decide. While I was looking at the timeline and as I was putting bits...
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    The Annoying Side of the Legend of Zelda

    Navi :fairy:
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    Could Zelda Games Be Better?

    I'm under the impression that you think that technology is what makes games better. If that's the case then no, technology do not make games better. Just the game play matters. Sure technology will make the graphics better and make the games realistic and all pretty like but it doesn't...
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    Things in Zelda That Went Full-Circle

    But the events are repeating itself but in different ways, like you said... We started at Hyrule Castle and then later ended at Hyrule Castle before we went to the Dark World. That sounds like full circle to me. Unless I'm confused at what your saying here but that's the impression that I'm...
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    Things in Zelda That Went Full-Circle

    In the beginning of ALttP, you go to Hyrule Castle to rescue Zelda. Along the way, you get your first sword from Link's uncle who dies. Later, after you get the Master Sword (your second sword), you go back to Hyrule castle to rescue Zelda again, but only this time it was too late she was...
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    New Zelda Game Idea - Sequel to AoL

    I was aware of that. Thank you for reading. ;)
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    Which "Lord of the Rings" Film is Your Favorite?

    The Fellowship of the Ring because it sets up the trilogy and I like how it starts talking about the rings back story in the beginning, to how were introduced to the hobbits and hobbiton, to the mines of moria, to the emotional scene where Gandalf falls, to the very end where the fellowship was...
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    New Zelda Game Idea - Sequel to AoL

    I thought about a new Zelda game where it was a sequel to AoL but it's not a continuation from the actual ending when you beat it, no I'm talking about another split or "what-if" sequel and that's where it continues from the game over screen because it does show the return of Ganon. Now this may...
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    Should Something Drastic Happen in Zelda?

    Well technically, something drastic already happened. A third split that occurs when Link IS defeated at the end of OoT. :O
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    The Hero of Time Defeated Timeline Split - Major Flaw

    From what I now understand after Ganon defeats Link, he obtains the ToC and ToW from Link and Zelda and with all three pieces he goes back to the Sacred Realm and then wishes that it be the Dark World which he then makes as his own domain and kingdom basically. When evil was coming out of the...
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    Do You Want the Realistic Zelda Tech Demo?

    Nintendo showed that demo to see what Zelda's graphics would look like on the Wii U. It would be foolish and downright disappointing to have the next Zelda game's graphics not look like that but look cartoony. It would make Nintendo look really bad if they pulled a stunt like that. But ya I...
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    No Beast Ganon in TWW

    I forgot about Puppet Ganon :S
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    Do You Play Zelda to Beat the Game or to 100% Complete It?

    What I do primarily is that I would play the game first to just beat it and then after I beat it I would go back and find areas that I missed and find heart pieces and other stuff to complete it 100%. As of right now though whenever I play ALttP from the start I complete it 100% before I beat...
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    No Beast Ganon in TWW

    TWW remains as the only Zelda game with Ganondorf in it that does not become beast Ganon. Were you disappointed that the TWW did not feature beast Ganon or does it not matter to you? For me at first, I didn't really give it much thought but now I am somewhat disappointed because I would...
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