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  • Heh, well there are already quite a few Forum Staff here if I'm not mistaken, but you becoming one isn't out of the question I guess...maybe one day.

    Alright then, was a good idea to get everything set up to your liking, feel right at home. Thanks, I hope you had an alright night yourself, Alexx. It's morning now though, here anyways, I wonder what's gonna happen today.
    Hey, Alexx! Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a positive experience here. The community is amazing and I certainly hope you'll agree with this sentiment soon enough. ^^

    As I usually ask new members, what's your favorite Zelda game?
    Always nice to see positive new members such as yourself popping up around here, I myself have been at ZD for little over a year now, and while it's had its ups and its downs I can still say this forum is a pretty nice one. I hope you have a great time here, yeah.

    Well, I think I sent you a friend request, so accept it when you want...unless I'm mistaken and I actually didn't send one, in which case oops, I'll have to do that. You're welcome though, quite the lovely and interesting name you got there, suppose I'll just stick with Alexx though.

    But on a side note, it's almost 2:30 AM here where I'm at, so I'm likely to go to bed soon. Feel free to reply and we'll resume this conversation another time though :>
    Well, that hello thread of yours said you like friends and to fell free to friend you, so suppose I can be your first friend here...welcome to Zelda Dungeon, I am Lord Vain, the Digital God of Peace and Destruction. Nice to meet you...hmmm, think you said your name was Alexx or something, wonder if that's short for anything.

    But anyways, get at least 5 or so posts in order to reply to this...VMing is unlocked that way, heheh :)
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